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CineTour: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in Kino am Dach (EN)

CineTour invites you to see the most summer blockbuster in the most summer cinema of Vienna - Kino am Dach (Movies on the roof). It's an open-air cinema with unassigned seating on the roof of the city library on Burggasse-Stadthalle U-Bahn station.

"Doctor Strange teams up with a mysterious teenage girl from his dreams who can travel across multiverses, to battle multiple threats, including other-universe versions of himself, which threaten to wipe out millions across the multiverse. They seek help from Wanda the Scarlet Witch, Wong and others."

If you can't find us before/after the movie, write me a PM (Shashank, the host) or post a message to this event, I monitor it during the meetup and will pick you up.
We meet at 20:00 at Kino am Dach (Urban-Loritz-Platz 2) when they start letting in. The movie starts at 21:00, but it's a free unassigned seating, so if you want to get good seats come early! Also we can use this time before the movie to have a chat and meet each other!

Click the link, register and buy your ticket (no reservation is possible, so be extra careful to select the right date and time)

Buy tickets - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

We recommend to buy the ticket as soon as possible!
Usually, after the movie we just chat a bit about it for a moment in front of the cinema. So don't run away, if you don't have to.
Meet-up for all #cinetourists
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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/cinetour_vienna/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CineTour_Vienna

Kino am Dach is an open-air cinema that is located on the roof of the Vienna city library and operational from the 1st of June till 31st of July.

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