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What we’re about

We are the first local chapter of The Circle of Reason, an international organization for pluralistic rationalism (or "plurationalism") -- commitment to reasoning, regardless of one's worldview. We're a unique charitable service, organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects to encourage those with diverse or disparate beliefs and cultures to use reasoning dialogue to bridge the gulf of human difference, helping us lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and combat community deterioration. Our members remain affiliated with their cherished religious, atheist, biological, ethnic, cultural, economic, political, tribal or ideological groups, but also join the Circle to examine their different perspectives at the roundtable of rational discourse -- demonstrating the plurationalist belief that consistently practicing simple, everyday reasoning, regardless of our different worldviews, will be humankind's next major step in moral evolution. As did the ancient Greek Peripatetics, we also often nature-walk during some of our plurationalist dialogues on a wide range of topics (after all, Earth's climate is nicer than Vulcan's!). We're the place in the Twin Cities to find, recruit, converse with and encourage -- from all walks of life, all biologies, all beliefs, all societies -- those who are your own kinsfolk: The reasoning kind!