circuitBoard: collaborative media arts meetup #1

circuitBoard: collaborative media arts meetups
circuitBoard: collaborative media arts meetups
Public group

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

1001 Arapahoe Ave · Boulder, CO

How to find us

Boulder Creek meeting room. Level 1 from the main library entrance and behind the fountain

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Meetup #1 Prompt: Exchange our equipment and media with each other to interact with

The prompt for this meetup is based on interactivity, sharing, authorship, and trust-building. Please bring creative technology tools or works-in-progress/prototypes that you are willing to share and let other people interact with, such as:

- a laptop with your favorite media software running
- a USB drive with your media/musical work, there will be a playback device
- synthesizers and electronic music instruments
- DIY electronics projects/hacks etc.
- slide projector with slides or other mixed-med
- software you're creating or hacking (great if you need some user experience)
- non-electronic media, or media that is inspired or derived from electronic or digital concepts are welcome too

You can come in the space from 5:45 if you're early or want to set up anything more complicated. The room is very large and well equipped.

As a participant and facilitator, I will be bringing an artifact, as well as help answer any questions. As a researcher, I will spend some time drawing experimental maps of the interaction between people and the things we share with each other.

The next meetup on March 23rd will be based on the creative concept of constraint. Originally developed as a writing challenge, constraint can be a parameter for developing new ideas. The Demoscene is an example of constraint regarding digital or electronic media.

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.