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What we’re about

This is a group for people who are interested in learning, relearning, reading in, and speaking classical Latin, the language spoken by the ancient Romans.

Note: Latin learners of all  levels are welcome. Come join us whether you are a fresh beginner or a seasoned Classicist. There is no pressure to speak or read Latin fluently if you don't feel ready. We encourage everyone to participate, share tips for learning Latin or cherish all things Classical.

Hic circulus eīs dēstinātus est quī discendī, dēnuō discendī, loquendī cupidī sunt linguam Latīnam quā Rōmānī antīquī sunt locūtī.

N.B.: Discipulī omnēs sunt acceptī, nec rēfert perītia. Plūrimus nostrum tīrōnēs sumus. 
Sī errō, quæsō, corrige!

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