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Latin language conversation club!

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Anne S.
Latin language conversation club!


Salvēte, amīcī et cīvēs,

Let us gather to conloquī Latine. If my grammar is off, all the more reason to come correct me!

People of all levels of proficiency are welcome. Feel free to sit in and just listen if you don't feel ready to converse yet. We also use English to explain or translate something whenever we have doubts. This is a pressure-free environment to practice Latin or simply to share our love for the language and all things Classical.

Agenda: Latine sermōcinārī!

Location: Freehand hotel on 23rd street and Lexington Ave in Manhattan. There is a stair a bit to the left of the lobby entrance on Lex. It goes up to a loungy area on mezzanine - look for us there.

Photo of NYC Latin Language Circle - Circulus Latīnus Noveborācēnsis group
NYC Latin Language Circle - Circulus Latīnus Noveborācēnsis
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