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What we’re about

If you are a Citrix administrator, engineer, manager, researcher or just very interested in the Citrix product line, come join us for regularly scheduled sessions where we will discuss the different product offerings (along with benefits/disadvantages of competing products), where the product line is heading, lessons we've learned from experience, and tips/tricks that could be used to solve critical issues.

The goal of each meeting will be: everyone leaves with another helpful piece of information that will help them with their day to day activities.

Each meeting will have a pre-defined focus but will be flexible to accommodate the direction of the attendees.

Examples of products that will be discussed:
XenApp (Presentation Server)
Netscaler/Access Gateway
Easy Call
GoTo Products
Password Manager
Provisioning Server

Key areas of discussion
Product line direction
Design considerations/Best practices
Previous lessons learned
Challenges overcome (both technical and organizational)
Licensing concerns
Best add-on utilities
Products provided by Citrix Partners