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What we’re about

Join us to explore The Ancient Art of conscious Loving.

Sacred garden of Tantra website and meet ups are dedicated to educate modern minds on the ancient secrets of Classic Tantra right from its ancient Indian origin source. Contrary to popular western belief, Tantra is not all about sex. It is actually a path of meditation and true fulfillment!

What sets "Classic Tantra" apart from other ‘paths’ is that it asserts that desires are natural and that as long as we are embodied, we will have them. Our sense organs serve as windows through which desires enter. Most desires center on the physical body and its comforts. People become slaves to their instincts, which constitute the lower part of the personality and fall prey to agitation, loneliness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, selfishness and misery. Tantra Yoga offers practical tools for reprogramming the mind and our desires. 

Traditional Tantra believes our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life has become accustomed to ignoring. It focuses to the true wisdom of the body and the senses as a means to becoming more alive and present in every aspect of our daily life.

Classic Tantra uses simple exercises including physical and ritual cleaning, Tantric postures, movement. breathing exercises (pranayama), contemplation, visualization, sacred mantra sounds, deity yoga and communication techniques (physical, verbal & energical) to help us re-discover the wisdom of the body and uncover deeper and deeper levels of pleasure.

Classic Tantra offers a holistic approach that provides practices for your whole self (not just the physical), so that you can experience, enrich and express yourself to your full potential. In order to express your natural potential, Classic Tantra teaches you to trust in and live by your true self (not the small limited, conditioned self), enabling you to release all limiting conditioning and illusions.

The work of Sacred Garden of Tantra is an integration of all elements of life. It enables the bodymind to relax enough to release fears (physical, psychological, emotional, etc), so that eventually, you liberate everything that is covering up your true nature, enabling your true self to blossom from beneath the conditioned self. It brings the essence of conscious lovemaking, pleasure and richness to all that one does, removing anything that stands in the way of an honest and loving connection self and making way for delight in all things around us. Classic Tantra truly helps to unfold our divine nature.

NOTE: If you are looking to get hooked up or some new sexual techniques to 'get off', then this group is not for you!

If you are ready to truly transform your life &  learn to feel at home in your body regardless where you go, then Reserve your spot in the #SacredGardenTantra class/workshop/retreat .… to live and love like a pro!

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