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ACMA is a collaborative, vibrant community of people with a passion for music and the arts. Our primary mission is to inspire people through music and to continue building this community. We accomplish this through regularly scheduled recitals, social gatherings, and our Carnegie Hall concerts. We believe that all dedicated musicians, not just world-class professionals, should have the opportunity to perform in public.

For those who love music but do not sing or play an instrument, ACMA provides a forum to interact directly with other musicians and music lovers, via a steady series of opportunities to see and listen to live performances.

For the beginning or intermediate amateur musician who might be on the cusp of performing in public, we provide a supportive, non-critical environment in which to take the daunting but amazing first step onto the performance stage.

For the advanced amateur or professional-level musician, we connect a network of fellow musicians to an appreciative audience, encourage more and more challenging repertoire, and provide many wonderful performance opportunities.

Technical ability, although important, is not our main objective. Rather, we focus on the celebration and presentation of great works of music with enthusiasm and appreciation. We always encourage everyone to continue on their musical journey, wherever it may take them.

Please also visit our website at www.nycclassical.com for more information.

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After Dark: Conflict! An ACMA & After Arts Virtual Event

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Dear Friends, ACMA has started a partnership with the After Arts organization, and we are going to be hosting a joint live virtual event on July 18th, at 7pm, featuring five of our own members! This is a thematic event series that blends storytelling and music making. The topic of the evening is: Conflict! Both professional and amateur musicians inevitably experience conflict between their music and the rest of their lives - career, family, friends, and other interests. All these competing interests between career, life, and our musical passion, and only 24 hours in a day - does this conflict also have a positive side? Can we harness it into our performance, into our approach to the music? Or is it just a hurdle to overcome in our musical journey? 7:00 PM MARGIN ALEXANDER - PIANO Four original pieces by the composer: Water Sounds, Reminiscence Intermezzo, Poezia, Nocturne No. 2 7:15 PM SARAH MANKES - VIOLIN Max Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 26 Edmund Severn: Polish Dance 7:30 PM NEIL PRUFER - PIANO Ludwig van Beethoven: "Waldstein" Sonata, Op. 53 - Movement I 7:45 PM SIMON YAU - PIANO Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: June - Barcarolle from The Seasons Sergei Prokofiev: Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet 8:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION - THE CONNECTION BETWEEN CONFLICT AND GROWTH Featuring Nicholas King, Jane D, and the performers Please RSVP for the event by clicking here: https://afterdarkconflict.splashthat.com What is After Arts?, you might ask... After Arts is a community of business professionals with a passion for and a background in music. So whether you're a doctor who grew up playing cello, a management consultant who majored in piano, or a corporate attorney who was once a jazz trombonist-in-training - these are your people. With members across virtually all private sectors, After Arts hosts a wide variety of incredibly thought-provoking events that bring together an accomplished community of people. And most importantly, they’ve done some great work to help support musicians and performing arts organizations during this time of need. More information about After Arts can be found here: https://theafterartsgroup.com

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