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Welcome to the Cleveland Board Gamers!

The Cleveland Boardgamers schedule for 2022.

Mondays: Recess Games Games in North Olmstead 5-9

Tuesdays: Willowick Library’s 5-8:45 ShieldWall in Willoughby 5-10

Thursday: Great Lakes Games Emporium 5-9 and Recess Games in North Olmstead 5-9


1st Saturday, Medina Library 10-5
2nd Saturday, Mayfield Library 9-5
3rd Saturday, Nordonia Library 10-5
4th Saturday, Parma-Snow Library 9-5

Please check our this website for details.

> Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. Play! We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old when we stop playing!



> I hope we see you soon.

> Mike



Upcoming events (4+)

Every Tuesday Board games at Shieldwall

Needs a location

Join us for board games at ShieldWall Gaming Club. Since Panera closes at 8, some of us that want to play games later have started going to ShieldWall. We can stay as late as we wish. The hours posted are for walk in customers. There are snacks and drinks available and there is plenty of room.

35104 Euclid Ave Suite 202
Willoughby, OH 44034.
It is inside an office building next to Pizza Hut
2nd floor. There is an elevator.

This event is cross-posted in at least 9 different places. Don't be dissuaded if a lot of people don't sign up where you're looking.

Here's a list of the games and expansions that I own just in case you want me to bring something.


We start playing some shorter games around 5:15 and then start longer ones at 6:30 or 7. Because some of the people can't make it until 6 or a little bit later. We usually have a good turnout, multiple games are usually played.

Don't forget to bring some games with you.
Please RSVP. We had 13 people show up and two people RSVP'd

Tues Boardgames at Panera

Location visible to members

Games starting times vary depending on when people arrive and games are ending.
Please be considerate toward others and our venue.

Eastside Gamers/Willowick library

Needs a location

Welcome to our weekly playgroup! We have games starting at various times as people show up and games end. We are a fun group of people who enjoy getting together to act foolish, make jokes, talk trash, laugh, and play games. Because of the spontaneous nature of our group, we usually show up not knowing what we're going to play. Some days we end up playing just "our faves". The truth is that we'll play any game if someone brings it and convinces us we want to learn how to play it. It's not about what types of games we play, it's that we play games.
your welcome to bring food and beverages (non-alcohol)
fridge and microwave available

Thursday night games at Great Lakes Game Emporium

Location visible to members

Several hours available to play games of all styles; depending on the preferences of the attendees. Your welcome to bring food and beverage.
It's all about getting together and having fun.

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Boardgaming at Recess

Needs a location

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