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ClickHouse Meetup in Singapore

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ClickHouse Meetup in Singapore


Hey there, data enthusiasts and ClickHouse aficionados! We've got some exciting news to share - our next meetup is on the horizon, and it's going to be an epic data-driven shindig!

Get ready for a delightful mix of mind-boggling data tales, insightful conversations, and maybe even a surprise or two up our sleeves.
But here's the deal: to secure your spot, make sure you register ASAP! Registration closes on Monday, April 15. Walk-in may not be permitted due to Shopee office building security.

🏢 Location
Shopee Office: 5 Science Park Dr, Singapore 118265, Shopee Building, 1st Floor, Esplanade 1 and 2

🗓️ Agenda
18:30 - 19:00: Refreshments & Networking 🎉🍕🥤
19:00 - 19:15: ClickHouse Best Practices, by Derek Chia, ClickHouse
19:15 - 19:45: Distributed Tracing in ClickHouse, by Frank Chen, Shopee
19:45 - 20:15: Hunting Non-Optimised Queries in ClickHouse, by Yohann Jardin
20:15 - 20:30: Networking

🎤 Session Details: ClickHouse Best Practices
Speaker: Derek Chia, Technical Support Engineer @ ClickHouse
With over 6 years of experience in software engineering and tech, Derek is a Senior Support Engineer at ClickHouse where he globally provides technical assistance, triage, and swift resolution to customers and users. Prior to ClickHouse, Derek served engineering roles at DSTA, AI Apprentice, and EY. He graduated from National University of Singapore with degree in Information Systems, and is a Certified HashiCorp Associate and an AWS Machine Learning Specialist.

Synopsis: ClickHouse is designed to be blazing fast and resource-efficient. If done right, ClickHouse can optimise resources it runs on up to theoretical limits, or reduce the resources usage of large data loads, depending on what you are trying to achieve. In this session, Derek will share how you can harness the power of real-time database management system with ClickHouse.

🎤 Session Details: 🎙️Distributed Tracing in ClickHouse
Speaker: Frank Chen, Expert OLAP Engineer @ Shopee
Frank is part of the Shopee internal OLAP team specialising in ClickHouse services. Prior to Shoppe, Frank worked in Huawei and Alibaba. He is among the top 100 contributors of the ClickHouse community, an Apache committer and part of the PMC of Apache Druid.

Synopsis: The Shopee OLAP team has been running ClickHouse service internally for 4 years to serve hundreds of projects.

To quickly identify user problems that we face in daily work, the distributed tracing feature becomes one of the most important tools.
In this talk we will unveil the how we implemented this feature in ClickHouse, how ClickHouse is used as a storage and query engine in this scenario, and how this feature benefits us in daily work.

🎤 Session Details: Hunting Non-Optimised Queries in ClickHouse
Speaker: Yohann Jardin, Lead DataEngineer
Yohann who has worked in Contentsquare and Equativ as a Lead Data Engineer has been an avid user of ClickHouse for the past 5 years, building type safe ClickHouse Scala client. He is also recognised as one of our top 3 researchers on the bug bounty program of Clickhouse.

Synopsis: Picture this: Months after the migration your teams crafted new features, you ingest more data, and ClickHouse slows down. Should you scale your cluster, or are there inefficient queries ruining the fun of everyone else?

In this talk, we will see how to leverage system tables to hunt non-optimised queries, using manual and Machine Learning assisted strategies, and how we can use clickhouse-benchmark to confirm our hypotheses.

If anyone from the community is interested in sharing a talk at future events please reach out to and

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