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Cloud Club is a growing society that has been created to thrive knowledge and the idea of modern IT to Funen and especially Odense. It is a project that spawned on the belief that if we continue the current growth of IT companies on Funen, we will have to get people to use IT in the “right way”.

Cloud Club is a mix of meetups, training workshops and networking events. It will help you explore the possibilities of cloud services by introducing you to companies and people in the industry.

Cloud Club is run by local Funen companies and IT professionals. The main initiative comes from the dedicated people from Umbraco HQ and the initiative is sponsored by Umbraco and IT-Branchen.

We are always open to suggestions to new talks, speakers, venues etc., and if you or your company would be interested in hosting or speaking at one of our events, please reach out to us.

You can find us on

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/cloud-club-dk/?viewAsMember=true)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/cloudclubdk)

Slack (https://join.slack.com/t/cloudclubworkspace/shared_invite/enQtNjE5MjAxNDUxNDQ1LTE3ZDZlYTRiMGYxYTE2MTQwYzE0MTdhMTI5M2JjNzBmZjAwZDFkY2RjM2RmZThjZjFkZTg0MTExZmQ2NzkwNGY).

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Why you should learn from mainframe mistakes, when your head is in the cloud?

Join Cloud Club when CYBERNORDIC enters the stage at Coworking Plus, Odense.

17:00 Welcome
17:15 First talk
17:45 Light meal and networking
18:15 Second Talk
19:00 Bye

Based on our experience with mainframe and cloud installations - we will highlight some of the past mistakes that still haunt us today, even if it’s 70 years later.

When the road to "SPECIAL" (IBM) privileges is an 8 lane highway, and your "serverless" functions might just be a fantasy.

And most importantly - how do you fix things without A.I - Machine Learning and (insert random buzz word here)

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Blockchain - the use cases

Munkehatten 28