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15.00: Welcome

15.15: Security challenges - and opportunities - in the cloud - Xavier Daspre from Akamai

16.10: Break

16.30: Compliance, threat modelling and security in software development - Frederik Raabye from Dubex

17.25: Snack + drinks

18.00: Prevent cyberattacks in the cloud - Brian Olesen from SecuriPax

19.00: Food + drinks + networking / socializing


Info about the speakers:

Security challenges – and opportunities – in the cloud - Xavier Daspre:

The major security pitfalls for companies running their business from the cloud. What are the threats, how can you mitigate and how can you utilize the insights to improve your operations.

About Akamai:

Akamai secures and delivers digital experiences for the world's largest companies. Akamai's intelligent edge platform surround everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so customers and their businesses can be fast, smart and secure. Top brands globally rely on Akamai to help them realize competitive advantage through agile solutions that extend the power of their multi-cloud architectures. Akamai keeps decisions, apps and experiences closer to useres than anyone - and attacks and threats far away.

About Xavier:

Senior Cloud Security Architect EMEA. Joined Akamai in 2016 to manage presales for Akamai cloud security solutions in EMEA. His job is both to sell and evangelize for Akamai Cloud security products amongst customers and prospects relying on 20+y experience in IT security.


Compliance, threat modelling and security in software development - Frederik Raabye:

This talk will cover a brief introduction to compliance work and dig a bit deeper into basic security practices and requirements for web applications and cloud environment.
You cannot eliminate all threats against your environments but creating a threat model and attempting to proactively mitigate associated risks may set you apart from the competition.

About Dubex:

Dubex is Denmark's leading business-oriented IT security partner, delivering and supporting security systems at over 500 locations around the world since 1997.

About Frederik:

Frederik comes from a computer science and web development background. He has been with Dubex since 2010 and currently works as a security consultant where he applies his technical knowledge in various security assesments, including different types of penetration tests and formal security assesments.


Prevent cyberattacks in the cloud - Brian Olesen:

The ever-present question “What about security?” is generating discussions around the use of cloud computing, and whether cloud computing is more or less secure than traditional “local” computing. This debate is relevant when deciding which types of services should be running 'in the cloud'. A more important discussion, however, is how to achieve a desired level of cloud security. Therefore the presentation provides an overview of common attacks in public clouds and risk mitigation strategies, and a review of cloud security trends.

About SecuriPax:

Since 2001, SecuriPax has provided organisations in the Danish public and private sectors with the right level of IT security protecting their assets. Strategic understanding of business and deep technical knowledge are the pillars of the security services they provide. Continuous development of their knowledge is key in providing state-of-the-art information security. It is how they stay on top of the infosec landscape–including vulnerabilities, cyber threats and technology solutions–to deliver utmost value to their clients.

About Brian:

Brian has a Master in Software Engineering. He started working at SecuriPax in 2008 and in 2010 he became Team Leader, managing the technical team and training new consultants. Brian bridges technical and managerial security knowledge and holds several professional certifications, including CISSP.