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What we’re about

Who are we?
This is a Community meetup by the Cloud Security Podcast Team to host Cloud Security Advocates and professionals to talk about all things Cloud Security. For now, we focus only on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Topics.

This meetup is hybrid Meetup group with events held every month. We are always looking for speakers and folks to help us organise the events.

Side Story - This Meetup is one of many hosted by Cloud Security Podcast at various locations around US (Austin, Seattle, SF, Boston & more coming), UK (London), Australia (Melbourne) & Amsterdam. The meetups were created to showcase Cloud Security Advocates who share knowledge about Cloud Security without the title of Cloud Security Advocates.

Want to Organise or Sponsor an Event: We are looking for a permanent host(s) based our of Amsterdam to host the in person meetups. If you are keen to organise an event with us reach out to Ashish Rajan who has done this a lot in the past and can guide you on what's involved and how we can help you run these meetup and build a Cloud Security Community in Dubai.

Please Join the group to notified when we organise an event and how you can participate.

Learn Cloud Security from Netflix, Atlassian, Twilio & more
We also run Cloud Security Podcast, a weekly podcast where experts from large companies share how they do Security in Cloud at Scale. Some of the companies represented include - Atlassian, Netflix, Hashicorp, Twilio, Linkedin, CapitalOne, Microsoft & AWS Professionals to name a few.

See you all at our next virtual event or if you follow the Podcast, looking forward to interact with you on our weekly LIVE Stream on our YouTube!