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What we’re about

Cloud HNL is Honolulu's only cloud development user group. We are a group of passionate developers who are interested in the ecosystem around cloud computing and solutions architecture in general.

Who are we? <br>We are just a group of GCP/AWS (and cloud) enthusiasts, which means we do not work for AWS or GCP nor get commissions from them. We won't be pitching you into buying stuff. All we want is to share our knowledge about cloud computing and create a space where all Hawaiians can reach out with cloud-related topics.

Our Intent <br>

Our intent is to spread the voice out, create working sessions, share our expertise, and, of course, have a good time, and share some beers and pizza!

Our Mission <br>Our mission is to, as a group, create a space where anyone in the state of Hawaii can find answers and guidance on how to leverage the world's largest public cloud providers.

Who should join? <br>You really don't need to be an expert about cloud computing to participate. We invite folks from any kind of background and seniority to join us. Whether you are a student at UH/HPU, a businessman with a startup idea, or an experienced Software Engineer we encourage you to join our group and we will thrive to make your cloud experience as smooth as possible. Although it is not strictly necessary to have an IT background, be prepared to get in-depth from time to time!

What do the meetups look like? <br>The initial intent for our meetings is to have one or two working sessions where members can share cool AWS related stuff they are working on, introduce new services, troubleshoot problems participants may have, or architecture cloud-native applications. Last but not last...have a couple of beers and pizza!

What's next? <br>1. In order to tailor the content of the meetup as much as possible, we would love to hear how familiar you are with cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc), what your background is, and what you expect from this group. You can start by answering this one-question poll:

Come and join the cloud!