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Jack Canfield - Marianne Williamson - Dr. John Demartini - Lisa Nichols - Mariel Hemingway - Tom Shadyac - Fran Drescher - Marie Diamond - Mary Morrissey - and many, many more! 
Get the Life & Career You Deserve!
Need help in starting a successful holistic practice? Want to leave your 9-5 in order to start living your life's purpose? Want to learn how to manifest? Want to live in abundance? Want to create lasting prosperity? Want a deep & meaningful relationship? Want a deeper Spiritual connection? Then join our LOVING group! We discuss these and many other topics in a very loving, gentle, supportive and positive environment.
This is great for people who are barely tapping into Spirituality, or those that are DEEP into their Spiritual practice.
Connie Costa
Writer, Transformational-Coach & International Speaker
Transformational Events & Retreats in Beverly Hills, Ojai & Italy

(our monthly excursions to Spiritual Ojai)


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Coaching with Connie Costa in Sicily, Italy!

Needs a location

Lying poolside in a luxury hotel overlooking the pristine sea, feeling the cobble-stone street under your feet in a medieval town, before cooking with a Duchess in her historic Palazzo. Or next, feeling rejuvenated by a private angelic massage in your hotel room. Standing beneath an ancient ruin, feeling the weight of eons of wisdom and knowing this moment will never be repeated. And not least, savoring the most delectable food you've ever enjoyed in your life.

But wait, there's more....

Coaching with Connie Costa in Sicily, Italy.

Join Transformational Coach Connie Costa, MA on the gorgeous island of Sicily where you will be personally coached by her.

This life-changing retreat includes:
- 1 Private Session with Connie Costa
- 5 Group Coaching Sessions
- Daily Meditations
- Energy Healing Sessions with gifted Healer
- 2 Angelic Healing Massages
- One Cooking Class with a real-life Duchess
- Gorgeous, luxury boutique hotels
- Private drivers throughout
- Private Chef who will create mouthwatering, authentic Italian meals
- Delicious dining experiences
- Sightseeing breathtaking towns in Sicily
- Private, licensed Tour Guide for walking tour
- And so much more!

Connie will coach you on how to Life Your Life's Purpose and Create the Life & Career of Your Dreams.

Teaching how to Live Your Life's Purpose has been MY life's purpose for many years now.

We all have a gift and talent. We all have a mission.
However, many do not know how to start their dream career.
-Do you feel like you want more out of life?
-Do you feel like your life is too hectic, busy and stressful?
-Do you lack energy?
-Do you lack motivation?
-Do you feel disconnected from Source?
-Do you feel like you have a purpose in life but can't seem to access it?
-Do you feel like you have not been living life to its full potential?

You will be coached on:
-How to MANIFEST whatever your heart desires
-Living Your Life's Purpose and what IS your Life's Purpose
-How to remove the blocks of fear
-What your mission in life is
-What your top values are
-How to live a more balanced life
-How to be healthy, vibrant and full of energy
-How to be more connected to Source
-How to live the life you have always dreamed of

This is why I am so incredibly passionate about teaching and coaching on this subject. I have been coaching for over 15 years, and this is what brings me LIFE.

Things that Connie gets to do:
-Take her clients on Luxury Retreats in ITALY!
-Write for Magazines
-Lead Spiritual Retreats in Ojai
-Produce major events
-Speaking Engagements
-Coach clients from the Entertainment Industry
-and sooo much more! I have created the most extraordinary career doing things I LOVE!!! I want you to do the same!!

Join this yummy retreat, and TRANSFORM your life.

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Charging Your Worth: What To Do When Clients Can’t Afford Your Services

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-What to do when your client says they can't afford your services

-How to appropriately price your services

-Can you be Spiritual and rich?

-How to get out of "struggle" mode

-What to do when you feel like you should be GIFTING your services and you do not feel right about charging

I have been coaching Spiritual Entrepreneurs for over 15 years. One of the most common issues I see is feeling conflicted about being adequately compensated for their services. I am frequently asked, "what do you do when your clients can't afford your services?" Many of my clients are brand-new coaches and holistic practitioners, and this issue profoundly concerns them. I explain that this is entirely normal and that there are many layers to this.

Join us for this FREE (ha!) virtual meetup!

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Live Your Life's Purpose! 6 week course

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Week 1: The Foundation
(Purpose, what does your heart want?, future self, your why?, 13 laws of success, success statement).

Week 2: Getting Clear on your purpose (stating the goal you will achieve by week 6. Start identifying baby steps toward your goals).

Week 3: Work on Removing Blocks & Fears, feelings of unworthiness

Week 4: Cleaning your money house
(law of attraction, money is energy, matching a vibrational state, beliefs around money).

Week 5: Becoming a master manifestor! (creating the life of your dreams).

Week 6: Accomplishing your goals! Bringing it all together.

“While I’m no stranger to coaching and personal development, the first time I participated in group coaching was with Connie Costa, and the experience sailed far beyond my expectations! Connie is a living inspiration and truly lives what she teaches! She offers wonderful, practical guidance in addition to intuitive insights. Connie also openly shares resources and authors that have inspired her and introduced me to some of my current favorite books! Knowing her has added so much goodness to my life, personally and professionally. I highly recommend coaching with Connie and soaking up her magic (plus you get a splash of beautiful Italy in the process)!” -Amy Aeilts

"I met Connie not quite a year after I divorced in 2011. I tell her all the time... my life took the direction I had always dreamed of when I met her. There are no such things as coincidences... things happen when and how they are meant to. Since meeting Connie I have attended her retreats to Ojai and Beverly Hills. I also have had one on one coaching with Connie. I will mention all the amazing things about her retreats and coaching... she knows her stuff, she won’t let you off easy lol, she is not an idealist, she truly cares about what she is doing and those whose lives she touches. But there is so much more that I can’t put into words. Connie has a light that shines. It is like a beacon that draws wonderful people to her. When you become a part of Connie’s life, the world opens up because you become a part of many lives and Connie’s amazing community of friends. What you take away from Connie’s retreats will be so very, very, valuable. What you get from sharing experiences and getting to know Connie is priceless." Molly S.

"I have known Connie for over 10 years, and what strikes me most about her is her unwavering passion and commitment to her clients. She focuses on guiding others to live their life's purpose. This is not a cliché, but a reality. Connie is a highly-respected life coach who surrounds herself with internationally-known life coaches, authors, motivational speakers, and healers, including Alan Cohen and Dr. John Demartini. I have participated in Connie's personal development workshops and motivational events in Ojai, Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles. They were life-changing. I'm an attorney and have referred family law clients to Connie, all of who have expressed gratitude for her assistance during one of their most difficult times in life.

Connie practices what she preaches, constantly reading, learning and exploring new ideas and opportunities, as she cultivates and nurtures her life's purpose and highest values. She is a tremendous resource and a fearless advocate. She is also a proud Sicilian who leads annual summer trips to the beautiful island, providing unique experiences that only a native Sicilian can. If you've never met Connie, now is the time." - Araceli Lerma

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