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Create a Successful Holistic Practice
“Connie has so much experience and knowledge to offer that I feel so blessed to be a part of her class. When she offers another one, I can't recommend enough how, if you are fortunate enough to join, it will change your whole outlook on life.”- Molly Summers 2 Day Intensive in Gorgeous OJAI! Learn how to: -Create successful workshops (step-by-step process) -Create holistic fairs & lead seminars -Sell packages to your clients -Get your message out there to more people -Practice your public speaking -Marketing 101, Social Media (Meetup, Facebook) Details: ~Money & Spirituality. Removing and addressing your money blocks ~ Highly successful guest speakers (entrepreneurs, seminar leaders, professional speakers) giving you their “secrets to success” ~ Inspiring books assigned & life-transforming exercises ~ Access to contacts that can dramatically change your business ~ Step by step guidance on how to start/improve your holistic business ~Transformational Seminars ~Be a part of a powerful mastermind group that will guide, support and encourage you 1. YES! Sign-me-up! ____ or 2. I want to schedule a private consultation “Connie is a bright light for the holistic community. Her course was an incredible learning experience for starting a holistic business. Much more value than I expected for the money.”Martin K. Ettington, Health & Longevity Consultant "I am thankful for Connie's "Get the Career You Deserve" coaching group! Connie provided me a strong foundation of information, resources and the necessary "umph" I needed to get my business off the ground. I regularly refer to information I learned in the group. Thank You Connie!!- E.G "Connie is an amazing coach, being a part of her mastermind group has been a blessing. I really feel that Connie believes in me, supports my goals, and has given me as much knowledge, value and resources that there is no way I can not succeed. She has made me believe in the reality and possibility of my dreams and for that I am truly grateful." -Kat Baniwas, C. Ht. “Great for support. Connie gives so much information on building your practice. Lots of great knowledge, tools, guests, and speakers. You will learn a lot!” Tra Vu, Energy Healer “Totally amazing! This is the perfect program for holistic practitioners who want to grow their business! Connie Costa’s program is truly amazing! If you are a life coach or holistic practitioner who wants to grow your business, Connie is the person you want to go to! This class brings so much valuable information to help you grow your business. The guest speakers are incredible. You will learn so much from this program!” Jana Hollingsworth, Life Coach “Connie is amazing. She creates an atmosphere of support and brings in speakers at the highest level to share excellent knowledge and tips.” Leora Katz, Fibromyalgia Relief Coach “I am absolutely thrilled I took this course. I highly recommend this course to achieve all your goals.” Carmela Tunzi, Mind Flow Coaching


TBD · Ojai, CA


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Our speakers have been:

Jack Canfield - Marianne Williamson - Dr. John Demartini - Lisa Nichols - Mariel Hemingway - Tom Shadyac - Fran Drescher - Marie Diamond - Mary Morrissey - and many, many more!

Get the Life & Career You Deserve!

Need help in starting a successful holistic practice? Want to leave your 9-5 in order to start living your life's purpose? Want to learn how to manifest? Want to live in abundance? Want to create lasting prosperity? Want a deep & meaningful relationship? Want a deeper Spiritual connection? Then join our LOVING group! We discuss these and many other topics in a very loving, gentle, supportive and positive environment.

This is great for people who are barely tapping into Spirituality, or those that are DEEP into their Spiritual practice.


Connie Costa

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