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What we’re about

CoachingCafeHK is Hong Kong's largest not-for-profit network with a primary objective to promote coaching conversation to the community
Coaching isn’t just something that specialised professionals do. In fact, some of the most powerful coaching experiences are informal exchanges in the hallways, cafeterias, offices, and other workspaces in the course of everyday work.
Coaching conversations are an important way to turn experiences into learning, and nearly anyone can conduct them.
Through coaching, you help people become more self-aware. You reinforce strengths and explore challenges. You also help people take responsibility for their actions and their development.
Together with sister groups - Hong Kong Hiking Meetup and Hong Kong Volunteers, CoachingCafeHK has done more than hosting coaching sessions, we're actively involved voluntary works with Hong Kong communities.
2021 CoachingCafeHK in Review
Another record setting year! 2021 has proven to be a great year for CoachingCafeHK. This year, with 360 member intakes and nearly 50 events held, has experienced a healthy growth from its previous years. A big hand to our 7 assistant organizers, who on average held about 4 events a month throughout the year. This is no small feat, and the actions of these individuals have undoubtedly demonstrated the values of CoachingCafeHK as one of the largest personal coaching networks in Hong Kong.
In the upcoming year, we plan to hold similar activities from the previous year. This includes but is not limited to coaching cafes, workshops, seminars, as well as public events that will allow us to do more for the society.
We look forward to more coaching activities in 2022. We also extend our thanks to retiring several assistant organisers who have contributed their time and efforts in making CoachingCafeHK what it is today. Most of all, we'd like to thank all of you, our members, for your participation and help in spreading the good works and good word about CoachingCafeHK
See you in 2022
Yours faithfully,
The Leadership Team