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Yannick's Coaching Lab!

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Clara Monroy (. and Yannick


Hey Fellow Coaches!

Yes, we are here and it's time for our first monthly event. Enter the Coaching Lab! Join us for this opportunity to get together, observe a live coaching session and then debrief and discuss it together with the coach and their client as to get an inside-look into what's been going on for them and get an inside-look into the inner workings of both parties.

Afterwards you'll get to work in triads (coach, client, observer) as as to take your insights for a spin, experiment with new techniques, get some feedback on your coaching and together grow our understanding and coaching skills.

Here's Yannick telling you what it's all about:

The plan for the evening is as follows:

6:30 Welcome and networking
6:45 Live coaching session
7:30 Debrief & group discussion
8:00 Practice sessions in triads
8:45 Sharing Insights
9:00 Closing round

And our first coach will be none other than Yannick himself before handing the stage over to invited coaches at future events:

Yannick is a positive existential coach, humanistic-relational at the core with a range of evidence-based techniques and interventions in his toolkit. He is part of the first generation of coaches emerging from the Positive Psychology movement of the 2000s as part of the MAPP community (MSc in Applied Positive Psychology) while at the same time deeply informed by his MA in Existential Coaching, which ultimately resulted in a meaningful integration of existential philosophy and coaching psychology in the coaching room. Yannick combines cutting edge science with an in-depth knowledge of wider philosophical issues at play in settings ranging from private to organisational as to powerfully boost personal and professional development, meaning, ownership and responsibility, optimal human functioning, flow and engagement, wellbeing, clarity and decision making as well as generally navigating life and business in more authentic and successful ways.

Yannick is a sought-after coach, highly engaging trainer and facilitator as well as a coach supervisor, certified mediator and change agent with experience in leadership development and creating coaching cultures. He is a learning facilitator and course consultant for the internationally renowned Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate and teaches at The School of Life.

Yannick is passionate about engaging those in "positions of great responsibility" in challenging yet supportive conversations as to create a space in which they are encouraged to think more deeply, thereby creating positive, authentic and resilient individuals and teams who embrace challenges and perform at their best in affluent times as well as during crisis and transition.

We look forward to see coaching and to see you coaching! :)

Photo of Yannick's Coaching Lab group
Yannick's Coaching Lab
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