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New OpenIDEO Challenge
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How might we help women and girls feel safe and empowered in low-income urban areas? Safety is a basic human right – the ability to move freely within a city, earn a living, and access social services without threat of harm or abuse. But for the millions of women and girls around the globe living in low-income urban areas, that is not the reality. On a daily basis, they are faced with gender-based violence, inadequate sanitation facilities, social isolation and a lack of basic social services.

In this new challenge, we'll be asking our global OpenIDEO community to join this effort by contributing research, ideas and feedback to improve safety for women and girls in low-income, urban areas. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to launch – and if you're not already on our OpenIDEO mailing list, sign up so you don't miss any updates. We hope to see you there!

About The Sponsor

This challenge will be the first of ten sponsored by the Amplify program, a partnership between the Department for International Development and IDEO.org. The program aims to transform international aid through collaboration and human-centered design.

Open IDEO Challenge
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How might we establish better recycling habits at home? (http://openideo.com/challenge/recycle-challenge)

Recycling is something in which we all have a role to play. It’s one of the easiest ways we can contribute to protecting our environment. When it comes to recycling at home, there often seems to be a mismatch between our good intentions and our actions and in many countries around the world, less than a third of us recycle at home. How can we nudge people to incorporate better recycling habits into their daily routines at home? What tools, campaigns or services might we design to support habit changes that stick? Together with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) – one of the world’s largest independent bottlers of Coca-Cola products – we’re asking the OpenIDEO community to help us find creative ways to encourage people to recycle at home.

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