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Computer Vision - The Basics & Beyond
Computer vision is a topic within computer science that deals with how computers can gain understanding from images and video. Computer vision attempts to reverse-engineer what the human visual system can do. The understanding extracted by computer vision could include detection of human faces, recovering 3D geometry or depth from photographs, finding correspondences between objects that have moved within a photograph sequence or video, or labelling the different regions within a photo according to categories such as road, person, or car. If you want a basic, yet in depth understanding of computer vision’s underlying theory and algorithms, this session is the ideal place to start. Chief Data Scientist, Arshad Khan will show you techniques for object recognition, 3D reconstruction, stereo imaging, augmented reality, and other computer vision applications as you follow clear examples written in Python. Topics in this Session Includes: • Image Processing for Computer Vision • Camera Models and Views • Image Features • Lighting • Image Motion • Tracking • Classification and Recognition • Useful Methods • Human Visual System • Use algorithms to classify image content and recognize objects • Hands- on demo: Building for facial recognition systems Chief Data Scientist Arshad Khan, Presenter

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