Learn to Program with Python - Session 1


In this session, you will be introduced to Python, an increasingly popular and powerful programming language. Python is a great beginner language that is quick to learn and extremely versatile. It can be used to build software, analyze data, and build great-looking websites.

This is a beginner friendly workshop and is perfect for someone with little to no programming experience.

During our Python-focused introductory workshop, you’ll learn to harness the power of this essential programming language:


- The fundamentals of Python programming, techniques and tools.

- The history of Python and how it compares to other programming languages.

- Python's applications in data analysis and the types of problems it can solve.

- How to think like a programmer and become comfortable with Python’s syntax.

- How to write code to solve every-day real-life problems. Example: use Python to solve a math puzzle for middle school

Install Visual Studio Code - https://code.visualstudio.com/download
Be sure to install the correct vision for your operating system.

Note: We'll be using the latest version of Python in this workshop. Arrive early if you need help installing Python and getting set up.

Grig Gheorghiu has 25+ years industry experience. He has worked as a Software Engineer, test engineer, research lab manager, system/network/security/cloud architect and consultant. For the past 15 years Grig has been building and leading technical operations and engineering teams.