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What we’re about

CoDe:U is a group gathering people who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas, pains, experiences on anything related to Continuous Delivery. 

Continuous Delivery is an ideal about an optimized unhindered flow of built-in quality - as opposed to an abrupt series of phases and hand-over tasks with quality glued on.

Continuous Delivery is a value that originally derives from lean methodology. It represents a holistic approach as opposed to a divide-and-conquer approach.

Continuous Delivery - the strive for an optimized value stream - can apply to the entire organisation; from CEO to blue collar worker. Like Kaizen and lean it has the potential to be meaningful to everyone, even outside Dev, Ops, SW, Sec disciplines.

It’s our hope that Continuous Delivery has the potential to be seen more as a shared value and less as a competence or a framework.

We believe that a values fit is the perfect foundation for a community like ours, as opposed to a competence fit or a culture fit which seems to form echo chambers rather than communities.

In Short: You are heartily welcome - regardless of your competences or culture. 

Let’s walk, talk and live Continuous Delivery