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What we’re about

Hi There!

I'm a software professional based in Northern VA with a passion for continuous learning and collaboration. Welcome to Code With Me where we explore new coding languages, software development techniques, and toolkits while making meaningful connections along the way.

What sets us apart?

  • Learning and Teaching Focus: Our meetup is centered around the exchange of ideas in software engineering. Whether you're looking to learn or teach, you'll find a supportive environment here.
  • Industry Engagement: Its good to learn the many many topics in this field of Technology - it really helps to connect to local companies and find whats "hot" in the market right now. Thus we have worked with over 12 companies now to do exactly that.
  • Unique Practices: We believe in the power of pair programming and fostering a culture of kindness within our community, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and is supported.
  • Inclusive Engagement: Whether you're a company looking to sponsor, a speaker eager to share your expertise, or a member with an idea for a meetup, all are welcome to contribute and participate in our vibrant community.

Join us and simply put Code with Me!

Warm regards,

Shijit Dasgupta Founder, Code With Me