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Please view our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CoFounderClub/) for a list of all our events and community.

What is CoFounder Club?

A Community of Founders to come together to take over the world!

For Founders, run by Founders, 100% organization owned and run by Volunteers

Started as an organization to connect entrepreneurs together to discuss ideas and form companies, the group has expanded internationally and will continue to evolve into whatever our members make it to be.

- - Our only rule is that we are an events based group that benefits Founders lives - -

Whilst all our events and partners should avoid using this group to sell our solutions, at the end of the day it's those solutions that we all need so all events are licensed at the discretion of the board.

How does CoFounder Club work?

Any founder can have a cause and create a group but what if 10 of these groups got together and shared resources?

That's CoFounder Club exactly, Founders connecting with each other to help and support each other as a united front, not the lonesome life that most entrepreneurs normally face.

Any member can request a license to run their own events and steer the group. Each region has their own CoFounder Club infrastructure but we are all connected to our main Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/CoFounderClub/).

If you'd like to volunteer let us know at team@cofounderclub.org

How was CoFounder Club born?

- - The about us 2017-2018 - -

Started in November 2017 by its Founder to find his own startup team, CoFounder Club is proving to be effective at churning out CoFounded projects. The primary events that we run are simple events with 40-60 minutes of all participants pitching who they are and what they are seeking followed by the bulk of the event, targeted networking. Known as proven events, Cofounder Club has been expanding rapidly and host multiple events each month all over the country.

As well as the events, cofounderclub.org will provide the online resource to enhance our ecosystem enabling all our members to interact before, during and after events. We will allow our members to advertise a complete profile to attract their required counterparts and prepare them with participant information when attending events.

If that was not enough, as a pioneer for the early stage startup ecosystem, CoFounder Club will be providing educational resources to all of its members to assist in preparing them for the challenges ahead. Part of this will be advisory education and another part which we are very proud of are our interactive workshops where we take an area and assist in enhancing that specific to your project; such as our pitch practice events which will improve your 60 second Elevator Pitch.

So come connect with our community to either join your next project or welcome to your project your new CoFounding teammates!

Useful links

Website (https://cofounderclub.org)

Slack (https://sameroom.io/mVzcijQw)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CoFounderClub/)

Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/cofounder_club/)

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/cofounderclub/)

Upcoming events (2)

CoFounder Meetup - Let's Pitch in Ramat Gan

Zeev Jabotinsky St 43

CoFounder Club Events are back - Let's Pitch in Ramat Gan on the 1st Sunday of Every Month!

CoFounder Club connects entrepreneurs together to discuss ideas and form companies. “Let’s Pitch” is a simple concept, entrepreneurs from both technical and business backgrounds come together and each attendee will pitch who they are and what they seek.
~ Find a CoFounder
~ Join a Project
~ Contribute to a Startup

~ 40-60 minutes followed by mingling
~ Primarily in English although pitching is allowed in any language
~ We start 15 minutes after the scheduled time (sharp)

Be prepared with a 60 Second Pitch that clearly outlines who you are and what you seek: (also if you seek a team to join)
Example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb2Pi_GmT7M

The Location
~ Indoor and outdoor options are available depending on the number of people that attend.

Online Community: https://cofounderclub.org
Social Media: https://facebook.com/CoFounderClub
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoFoundersIsrael/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/28644721/admin/updates/

Nail Your Pitch Masterclass

Online event

One of the harsh realities in the life of a successful startup, is perhaps nothing is more daunting than the investor pitch. All too often many good businesses go unfunded because their pitch sucks...and the founder isn’t even aware of it.

As angel and VC financing is vital for many startups to achieve their objectives, being able to communicate a compelling vision of the company to potential investors is a critical skill for founders.

So join us ( Team PitchSLAP ) to discover “What good looks like" when pitching for investment with our 90-min Nail your Pitch masterclass.

Part 1: What a powerful pitch deck looks like
Part 2: Live PitchSLAP session and Q&A

Keep in mind that a pitch is not to get the 100k or land the client, it is to get them to say “I want to know more.”

This webinar masterclass will feature insight and expertise from accomplished pitch consultants and early-stage investors, focused towards helping you succeed when the stakes are at their highest.

We will clearly show you what a powerful pitch deck looks like and how to deliver it.

And for the lucky founder in the audience we will be dropping a LIVE PitchSLAP session where YOU will deliver your pitch with deck in 5 minutes or less, and WE will breakdown how to make immediate actionable improvements to better connect with your audience when pitching for investment. Interested in getting pitchslapped? Email us at [masked]. First come, first served.

We will close off the session with PitchHacks Q&A, your chance to ask us anything about the session or present us with a pitching problem you’re facing right now.

Taran Hughes: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taranhughes/
Zineb Layachi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zineblayachi/

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מסע היזם: מרעיון למוצר מנצח

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