CoFounder Workshop: Hi-Tech Companies – Building a Corporation Correctly

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This workshop will cover a complete overview of everything a Startup Entrepreneur needs to know about the world of corporate law.

CoFounder Club is an organization to connect entrepreneurs together to discuss ideas and form companies. Our events, in this case, “Workshop” will cover an essential topic that all new startup entrepreneurs should know, delivered by an industry expert. As we pride ourselves on an interactive premise, everyone attending will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as they wish with the goal being not just to cover the topic but to give our community the information specific to their needs.

All our events are in English to include all internationals although all of our speakers speak Hebrew as well. We start 15 minutes after the scheduled time and the event itself will be about 60 minutes followed by mingling which tends to last well over an hour.

Hi-Tech Companies – Building a Corporation Correctly

Hi-Tech companies are unique corporations, their main assets are intellectual property rights, their value is derived not from wealth but from potential, they exist in a high-risk environment and for a long period of time, their growth and financing are dependent on capital raising rather than sales.

These characteristics present challenges for investors in all different stages of the company’s life. Such challenges, in turn, instigate the evolution of a unique corporate governance model with diversified share capital and complicated legal instruments to protect the interests and rights of each class of shareholders.

We will provide a guide for the world of corporate law instruments typical of Hi-Tech companies that any entrepreneur should know right from the outset in order to avoid making crucial mistakes and present methods of coping with common problems in entrepreneur-investor relations.

The lecture will be given by Omer Carmel, Adv., a partner with CARMEL, PELED & Co., Law Office, a Tel-Aviv based firm (Ramat Hachayil, CU Towers, 18 Raul Wallenberg St) specializing in Intellectual Property, Hi-Tech, Commercial and Corporate Law.

About the Speaker

Omer Carmel is an attorney, specializing in commercial litigation, of all aspects.

His legal practice focuses on intellectual property litigation, including infringements, IP ownership and franchising disputes; on corporate matters including shareholder disputes, officers' liability and matters pertaining to technology and R&D based companies; as well as contractual disputes. He has represented Israeli, foreign and multinational corporations, in litigation before Israeli courts and tribunals of all instances, and have developed an expertise in complex cross-border litigation.

Extensive experience in representing Hi-Tech companies and entrepreneurs in the fields of software, electronics, applied physics, radio frequency applications, biotech and weapon technologies.

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