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What we’re about

The Blockchain Hangout!
Welcome crypto professionals! We host exciting monthly meetups aimed at providing fascinating talks by and for blockchain professionals, so you can gain key insights from the people leading the cryptocurrency revolution.

If you someone working in the blockchain industry or are someone looking to stick their toe in just to learn a bit more about it, then our group is the place for you.

CoinRiot Hangouts will host fascinating talks by blockchain professionals and businesses aimed at educating and informing other blockchain professionals and businesses. Talks might have topics of high-level technology, low-level technology, finances, social science, business, marketing.

Our meetups will help blockchain professionals build their network to be more effective. We will specifically design our events to make them an effective place to build business relationships.

CoinRiot Hangouts will also not be all work-focussed. It will also offer a time and place for blockchain professionals to let their hair down. We will specifically organise things that make our events great fun and memorable.

Who Is CoinRiot?
We are blockchain marketing agency focussed on events including: meetups, hackathons, conferences, parties and even small festivals. Money is a social tool, which is why we believe the key to generating a powerful network effect is bringing people together to build strong, long-lasting connections with each other. We've been in the crypto industry for a decade already and know that this revolution only gets more and more exciting!

Want To Host A Talk Or Partner With Us?
Do you have something fascinating to present to our group or want to partner with us more directly? Then get in touch.

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