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"They that ever desired me shall ever attain me."

Book of Shadows (1949)

The Colchester Wicca Meetup Group is a common first port of call for those in the Essex who are interested in Wicca. It is run by the Order of the Horse and Moon whose primary coven is the Coven of the Horse and the Moon.

It has the following objectives

1) To allow Wiccans to meet like minded individuals who are interested in the subject.

2) To allow those interested in Wicca to learn more about its practice.

3) To facilitate the practice of Wiccan rites

4) To provide a way for individuals to join a Wiccan coven

The group provides a straightforward access point to the Wiccan tradition and we are dedicated to facilitating access to coven Wicca for all seekers.

Our Order and coven websites are below



We plan run a full set of eight Sabbats. Four will be public rites and four are social meetups in pub with training for new members. These can be attended by any member or friend.

We also plan to run some Esbats. They are held on the full moon, and are normally held in private houses. The Order of the Horse and Moon and its associated covens also hold a number of events not on Meetup which are for the members associated with the covens. Although the covens are spiritual groups they are also groups of friends and hold their own gatherings.

We try to avoid bringing members to events in private houses who are unknown to our network unless they are with a friend we know. Additionally we are a group for Wiccans. Our focus is on those seeking to join the Wiccan path. The simply curious are welcome to attend our public events. If you are committed to another spiritual path we will not seek to convert you and there would not be much benefit to you coming to our group.

The group is also limited to the over 21s. We have special arrangements for those who are 20.

Upcoming events (3)

Zoom Lesson 1: Getting Started in Wicca

Online event

This is the first in the Wiccan Federation's Zoom based series of lessons. It is for those looking to understand more about the Wicca and for anyone looking to get started with the practice of the tradition. The series is titled 'The Practical Knots of Wicca'. This lesson or knot provides a basic explanation of how to get started in Wicca. It is for those looking to develop a Wiccan practice or to understand the tradition. It is suitable for complete beginners up to those who have some experience but have not yet joined a coven. It is not targeted at those who are coven members. The website for this course is at http://13knotswicca.weebly.com The key areas covered are 1. Understanding the basic philosophy of Wicca, the Wiccan Rede 2. Understanding the Wiccan approach to working with deities 3. Building a Wiccan altar. 4. Developing a daily and monthly Wiccan practice. 5. Working with the solar and lunar cycles in Wiccan practice. 6. Developing a magical practice. 7. Using the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in your practice. 8. Undersatnding the tools of Wicca. 9. Meeting other Wiccans online and offline. The event is in our standard format of a ninety minute talk with questions. This talk is practical and deals with the 'how' of Wicca rather than the 'why', which is covered in our series of academic knots. The Zoom ID will be released into our WhatsApp network. For this reason in addition to registering here you should to join the WhatsApp network. The access point for the WhatsApp group is below. https://sevenmoons.weebly.com/watsapp-group.html We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Seven Moons Wicca Course
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Due to the difficulties in arranging meetings in Colchester the Wiccan Federation which runs this Meetup group have created the Seven Moons Wicca course. This is a training course in Wicca which is run digitally and trains beginners to the level where they can cast their own circles. This course is free and is available from http://sevenmoons.weebly.com Although this course is online it is connected to a network of covens active in the South East of England. Those who wish to register the course should let us know that they are from Colchester. We will then offer a connection to those who are on the course through the discussion section on this site. We will plan to send a Wiccan initiate to Colchester once the course is firmly established in Essex to provide a limited amount of face to face training Details of the course are available in the video below https://youtu.be/v-45FZqCG7I

Wiccan Age Magazine Samhain 2016 Now Available Free to Members by Download

Click on 'Learn More' below for a click on link to download the magazine http://wiccanage.weebly.com/wiccan-age-samhain-2016.html (http://wiccanage.weebly.com/wiccan-age-samhain-2016.html) The first copy of the new Wiccan Magazine, Wiccan Age, is now available for download. It can be obtained from the website above

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