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The Online ColdFusion Meetup ( ) is about empowering CF users (developers and admins) with presentations on CF and non-CF topics that may be of interest to CFers. Formed in 2005 and hosted since 2007 by Charlie Arehart, the Online CF Meetup has held over 270 presentations given by several dozen speakers.

CF users from anywhere are free to attend. Become a member here (free, joining thousands of others) to get notified of new meetings, optionally participate in ratings and discussions, and more. As an entirely online ColdFusion/CFML user group, we meet irregularly (at times, weekly), as speakers can be arranged.

Indeed, we welcome new speakers, and you can learn more about presenting at . Generally, our meeting time slots have been Thursdays at either noon or 6pm US Eastern time, though we can be flexible.

All meetings are held at the URL, . Use the option there to "log in as guest", enter your name, and wait until just before the meeting starts to be let in.

Meetings are recorded and the URLs are posted (usually within a day of the meeting) at , which lists all our past meetings (, and offers our youtube playlist ( of sessions since 2015.

Finally, for still more information, see the "about" page (

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CF Modernization Challenges - Improving Legacy Code, with David Byers

We're happy to announce the Online ColdFusion Meetup to be held Thursday Jun 17th at 12pm US Eastern Time, UTC-4.

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Every ColdFusion developer is a builder and an artist. We want to create and craft beautiful, elegant solutions with CFML that are powerful and dynamic… but sometimes, we still need to deal with the legacy code that was built a decade ago by a developer who has long since left the organization and didn’t know what they were doing to begin with. Or, maybe the company direction has shifted (again) and what was a priority in the past is no longer relevant. Maybe the approach you originally took to a problem can be done cleaner, and more efficiently. Maybe there’s new functionality in ColdFusion that renders old approaches obsolete. At some point, modernization of your approach becomes necessary to retain your sanity!

In this group therapy session, I will discuss legacy code, why it’s difficult to manage, how to take incremental approaches to improving it and some techniques on how to modernize your development approach.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER(s): (provided by the speaker)

David Byers was previously promotions director for a rock radio station, but chose to change careers in the 1990's when he simultaneously got tired of eating Top Ramen, and fell in love with developing websites and web based applications. For over 22 years, he has focused his expertise on the ColdFusion platform, developing software for a multitude of businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to enterprises of over 900 employees. A former ColdFusion User Group manager, he has been a proponent of CFML, and regularly provides content to the ColdFusion Community Portal. Born in Canada, David lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, three cats, four house bunnies, and two bearded dragons.


All meetings are recorded. As a Youtube live meeting, the URL offered here is the link to the recording as well. But the URL will also be posted after meeting at, and via the Youtube playlist (


We welcome and indeed seek presentations from anyone wishing to speak about any projects regarding or tangentially related to CF. For more, see

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