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If you interested in jumping on the Express Train to Spiritual Enlightenment, than this is this place for you!!

Our Vision is Oneness !!

Our Mission is to Empower ALL to create a clear two-way communication with Source in order to heal, transmute and let go of all trauma, drama, as well as all other barriers that prevent us from being Who we are and All that we are capable off!!!

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Global Healing Meditation (Live online conference call)

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Please join me in shifting everyone on this planet into a higher vibration.

We all have various healing abilities and I am asking each and every person who joins this call to invoke ALL of their healing abilities to:

A. Infuse everyone on this planet including Mother Earth with the frequency and vibration of Unconditional Love.

B. Help the world shift into Divine Truth, Divine Wisdom and Divine Light

Help "wake up" each and every person on our planet, into their spiritual journey as well as accelerate those that are already on their spiritual journey!

Agenda for this Meditation:

  1. We will start with a short mediation to connect everyone to Earth energy and Source energy, so that everyone is grounded and centered.
  2. We will bring in various color of Flames of the Light to help heal and clear this planet of any and all non-beneficial energies
  3. Ask the Divine to help heal each person on this planet in whatever way is in their highest good.
  4. Ask the Divine to replace all of our dis-empowering core beliefs with the most empowering core beliefs that are in our highest good.
  5. I will also hold space for each person attending this meditation to heal the planet in whatever way they are guided by Source/Spirit.

Thank you,

Madeleine Harmath
Saving Grace Healing Services
Facebook: @healingservices111
Facebook: Madeleine Harmath

Timeless Reiki Level III Certification Class (5 session course)

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Timeless Reiki Level III Certification Class

Pre-requisite: Timeless Reiki Level I and II

Timeless Reiki Level III: Advanced Healing across all time and space

There are many different modalities of Reiki, ranging from the very traditional to many that were adjusted to a “western” audience. Some training is abbreviated, mostly for those who wish to have a Reiki experience and possibly do some light self-healing. What is commonly found is based on ritual, symbolism, and a hierarchy handed down through “attunements”. These forms of Reiki satisfy the needs of many people, but not all. Timeless Reiki is here to support anyone called to do powerful healing work, not just on themselves but on others. Our students learn more effectively through direct, practical, applications of energy work in a smaller venue where each practitioner gets personalized attention. We also avoid the overload of information typically encountered through “intensives” and pace the training over a reasonable amount of time so methods can be thoroughly understood and integrated. Our goal is to ensure our graduates come away with a very strong foundation with no gaps or uncertainty.


Timeless Reiki Level III: Advanced Healing across all time and space

Class 1 (3 hours) Monday June 5th
• Meditation Earth Energy /White Light, Chakra/sub chakra 1-14, Aura/subaura 1-14
• Healing Chakra/sub chakra 15- 21, Heal Aura/sub-aura 15-21
• Healing Past Lives
• Q&A

Class 2 (3 hours) Monday June 12th
• Meditation Earth Energy /White Light, Chakra/sub-chakra 1-21, Aura/sub aura 1-21
• Healing Chakra/sub-chakra 22-28, Healing Aura/sub-aura 22-28
• Healing Bloodlines
• Q&A

Class 3 (3 hours) Monday June 19th
• Meditation Earth Energy /White Light, Chakra/sub-chakra 1-28, Aura/sub-aura 1-28
• Healing Chakra/sub-chakra 28-33, Healing Aura/sub-aura 28-33
• Discussing the Dark Matrix
• Learning to Heal Dark Doorways(vortex, portals, gateways
• Learning to Heal Neutral Doorways
• Q&A

Class 4 (3 hours) Monday June 26th
• Meditation Earth Energy /White Light, Chakra 1-33, Aura 1-33
• adding in Sub-chakra’s and Sub-auras into the healing
• Learning to sever, disconnect and remove all forms of non-beneficial connections across all time and space.
• Learning to crossover all ghosts, entities, beings and energies that are attached.
• Methods and techniques regarding practicing on others
• Healing exchange - we practice on each other
• Q&A

Class 5 (3 hours) Monday July 3rd

  • Meditation Earth Energy /White Light, Chakra 1-33, Aura 1-33, sub-chakra, sub-aura
  • Learning to Hold Space
  • Ethics of practicing on others
  • How to start a healing practice
  • Methods and techniques regarding practicing on others
  • Healing exchange - we practice on each other
  • Q&A
  • Graduating as an Advanced Spiritual Healer


Commitment and Costs

This is a professional-level course. When you sign up you are committing to attend all of the sessions. There is some additional tutoring available, but makeup classes are simply not possible. With any training course, you want to examine the costs and weigh them against what is offered. High fees may not necessarily indicate more valuable content, but simply an instructional group that’s focused more on finances than they are on education. Our goal is to offer the best value for high quality training, in alignment with other courses in the area.

Our courses run 5 weeks for each level of training which provides plenty of time for practice, assimilation and Q&A. Each level of training is currently valued at over $1000.

We are offering it at $750. (payment options available)
Our class size is 4-10.

This allows us to cover our costs, and still make training available to everyone.

Once you RSVP for this course I will send you an invoice for the Payment.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Madeleine Harmath
Saving Grace Healing Services

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Timeless Reiki Level I Class Series (5wks) - Advanced form of Energy Healing

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