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What we’re about

The Unbiological Sisterhood is a women’s social group committed to sisterhood, friendship, and fun. We are mostly 50+ and most of our activities take place during the week, mornings and afternoons, in McKinney, Allen, Frisco and Plano.

Our members organize all of our events. We depend on members to actively organize and suggest activities that lead to bonding and friendships. We do lunches, happy hours, movies, walks, line dancing, canasta, mah-jongg, game days, field trips, arts and leisure, documentary discussions and book discussions. Don't see an event you like? Create it! We love finding new activities, trying new foods and exploring our fabulous Metroplex with our SISTERS.

** #1 You MUST upload and maintain a current profile photo of yourself. We will not accept you without a photo. We need to be able to find and recognize each other at events, and stay safe.
**#2 Participate!!! Members whose dues are more than 2 months overdue or do not attend at least once every 6 months will be removed.
**#3 This is a drama-free, clique-free zone!! It should not need to be said, but we will say it anyway ... this group is for women who want to make real, true, lasting friendships. Be polite, be considerate and be friendly to every other member. Rude, discourteous or exclusionary behaviour of any sort is not welcome.
**#4 Be respectful - keep your RSVPs up-to-date. Understandably things may happen to prevent you from attending an event, but habitual no-shows are not acceptable, particularly if the event is being held at a member's private home. If you "no-show" to events or activities more than 3 times a year, OR 10% of your YES RSVPSs for the calendar year are canceled on the day of the event, we will have no choice but to reconsider your continued membership with the group.
**#5 Plan activities! Everyone needs to host at least one meetup at least once a year. This does not have to be at your home - pick a restaurant, plan an activity, get a group together for a walk, everyone needs to contribute to making the group fun!
**#6 Events are for paid members only, except for guests who are considering joining the group. Check with the organizers before inviting a guest who is not a paid member of the Sisterhood. You may bring any guest one time (with a necessary approval). After that, they need to join. They have a 30 day free trial period and are then able to RSVP for themselves.
**#7 The Unbiological Sisterhood charges an Annual Membership Fee of $10.00. The fee goes towards covering the cost of running the group on and other expenses. As a new member the $10 fee is due within 30 days of joining the group.
**#8 NO SOLICITING !!! Your only motive for joining this group should be to have fun and to meet new friends. Members are not allowed to solicit for products or services; nor do we allow self promotion, fund-raising or schemes, for any purpose whatsoever. If we receive complaints you will be removed from the group.