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What we’re about

Saw that it's difficult to meet other Colombians in the bay area and wanted to create a group where Colombians in the San Francisco Bay Area can meet up. Non Colombians are welcome if you just like our culture.

Happy Hours, Hikes, BBQ's, Parties or Museum days. Basically anything we set our minds to. En un palabra cosas que son chéveres.

See you soon.


Members and Co-hosts,

If you'd like to suggest or host a meetup please contact the team ahead of time. Preference will be given to Colombian themed events. Suggested events with three or more people attending will be hosted by the person who suggested it. We will ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

If your throwing a meetup you must provide instructions on how members can find one another.  At a very specific spot at a specific time with a sign or all member will get colombian flag stickers etc.  The group is meant for people to be able to meet one another not just show up to an event.

In other words, if your going to throw a meetup, you're responsible for gathering the group together (helping members identify other members) and helping make introduction.

If you're a PROMOTER or OWNER of a A SPECIFIC EVENT at a bar, club or other.  You must do that same and ask permission before posting and provide a table, special area for the group to meet.