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Get back into tennis or if new, let's learn tennis. Meet other local Tennis Players. Gather and discuss tennis and perhaps find a tennis partner! Let's meetup, enjoy, and grow the sport of tennis. Here you will be able to show up at the courts and actually become involved in a match, lesson or just hitting the ball with others that enjoy tennis. We welcome all players from the recreational to the competitive level and NTRP ratings of 1.0 through 5.0. You will find that this is a friendly bunch with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly competition.

I've been playing for many many years and I'm also a member of the United States Racquet Sringers Association (USRSA). If you happen to be a beginner, I have lots of extra racquets for those that may want to see if the sport may be for them before investing in a racquet. There is a very small annual fee ($15.00) that is due within 30 days after approval of your membership application. This fee is only required if you wish to continue playing with us following the initial 30 day period. The fee helps pay for the cost of keeping this group on the meetup site, maintaining our tennis ball machine and and other equipment, tournament supplies, and food/beverages at socials and tournaments. Another benefit of the group is great prices and personalized advice on tennis racquet service/repair and restringing. I can analyze your game, listen to your complaints/concerns, and recommend a string or other adjustments that can change your racquet to play more to your liking. This is not something that you receive at just any sporting goods store.


PHOTO: Please be sure to include a primary photo (the photo in your album that members see when you RSVP for an event) to help our organizers, hosts, and players easily identify you and put a face to your name. The photo needs to be such that we can identify you. If you have more than one photo in your album, this can easily be done by going to your profile page, click on CHANGE YOUR PHOTO link just below your current pick on the right. A window will pop up labeled SET A PROFILE PHOTO. You can now click on the photo that will show in your RSVPs.

ATTENDANCE: Please don't apply unless you intend to attend one of our events within the next 30 days. The membership rolls are reviewed and purged of any inactive players that are not full fledged (paid) members after approximately 30 days. This 30 day requirement can be extended during the colder/slower months to allow new members a chance to attend an event.

LOCATION: Unless your profile is local (surrounding area), you will not be approved. If your profile shows you are in another state, you will not be approved. If you're visiting Colorado Springs, email me directly (click on CONTACT just below the organizer photo on the left hand side of the site) and I'll sponsor you as my guest at one of our meetup events. You will only be asked to become a full fledged member if your visits become regular to the Springs.

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS: Please take the time to honestly answer the questions that are asked of all new members.

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