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What we’re about

CSE Group Overview:
For close to 15 years now, (we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary in July 2023) the CSE Group has assembled a unique collection of local Entrepreneurs, Small Business People, and Business Service Leaders that want to grow their businesses and lead their fields are participating in this local MeetUp group to collaborate, communicate, and participate together in envisioning, and executing, their life's work, or a visionary new product or service.

Creating Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems:
We have been developing and nurturing our own "Entrepreneurial NemoSystem" to create the necessary support services and infrastructure to help nurture local small businesses and entrepreneurs to; "Find Inspiration, Find Innovation, Find Capital, Find Markets, Find Customers, and ultimately Find Fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives !"   We are developing a series of "Venture Development Clusters" to assist in the process of growing new businesses and creating breakthrough products and services for our members.  It's an exciting and rewarding process. Plug into a network of motivated Entrepreneurs who can help you achieve your goals and commercial objectives.

Meet a local network of entrepreneurs to share tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability, marketing, sales, and distribution channel strategies and discuss mentoring and business models. Swap business cards and watch your personal business directory grow!

Note to New Member Requests:
As a courtesy to our Members, please provide your first and last name when requesting membership to the CSE Group.  We have had a number of "one-name" or "fake-name" requests that are made by "member-list-harvesters" that really don't have any interest in joining our group but just spamming our group members.  It's one of the challenges we have to address for the benefit of having an internet-accessible group platform.

I look forward to reviewing and approving your meetup request, and meeting you and learning more about your business interests and entrepreneurial pursuits !

Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group