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The Columbia University School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab (http://digitalstorytellinglab.com) holds monthly meetups for those interested in how to harness story, play, design and technology for social innovation. Meetups mix ignite style talks, with rapid prototyping and social mixers. We're looking for thinkers & doers - Wanted storytellers, game designers, makers, hackers, educators, activists and anyone who is interested in learning, doing and sharing. We're part of an initiative at Columbia University that is focused on story-driven innovation. We hold events and labs around the world and are always up for an interesting collaboration.

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Test/Break - prototyping Dark Bravado & My Undying Futurism

Columbia DSL is excited to announce a new monthly prototyping series entitled Test/Break. Each month we'll focus on a number of projects that are in various states of development. Test/Break will provide a forum for creatives exploring new forms and functions of storytelling. Focus is placed on projects that are pushing at the edges of narrative possibilities with emerging technology (AI, AR, VR, IoT...). This is an excellent opportunity for those who are working to adapt or create virtual work and have interest in experimenting with various types of collaboration and participatory methods of interaction. Each prototyping session is followed by an open conversation between storytellers and participants that pulls back the curtain on creative practice. Test/Break kicks off Thursday, September 24th at 2:30pm Eastern time with new works from James Scruggs and Nick Fortugno. First up is a new work from James Scruggs. Dark Bravado will mine the vast amount of content available about 9/11 and US Covid; compile, remix, sift and re-present it as a ‘transmedia documentary’ of the phenomenons as if captured by a ‘Metaphorical Multi-Platform Camera’. The interactive transmedia event will be experienced via audience member’s technology. The intent is to explore how ineffectively we process death and trauma, and find ways and means to better support each other to more neutrally embrace the inevitable. James Scruggs is a writer, performer, producer and arts administrator who creates large scale, topical, multi-media performance pieces, often fully immersive and interactive; usually focused on race, racism, supremacy, and gender politics. He’s received several grants, and awards, including 2- Rockefeller Foundation Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund Grants, and a Creative Capital Grant to create performance works staged in NYC. http://www.jamesscruggs.com Then we'll be testing a new work from Columbia DSL member Nick Fortugno. My Undying Futurism - this fast paced game has teams co-imaging possible futures through storytelling/play while navigating a series of potential scenarios/challenges. Nick Fortugno is recognized around the world as a leading game designer, narrative and story expert as well as an entrepreneur of digital and real-world games. He is Chief Creative Officer of Playmatics and oversees the design and creative vision for the company. A recognized game design leader worldwide, Fortugno is the original designer behind the blockbuster hit Diner Dash and also a co-founder of the Come Out & Play Festival of outdoor games and events. STORYTELLERS WANTED! Are you a storyteller working with emerging media? Do you have something that you'd like to test/break with a live audience? Test/Break has a rolling application process. We're currently curating works for October, November and December. Do you have something you'd like to test and break? We'd love to hear from you. Please apply here https://forms.gle/5KZm2hDRf4DeNBYN9

Story I/O - Trust in the Age of Deepfakes and Bots

Online event

Story I/O returns Saturday, September 26th for a special virtual day of storytelling, design, play and collaboration. This marks the 4th edition of Columbia DSL’s annual prototyping event. Together we will explore the theme of “Digital Literacy in the Age of Misinformation and Deception..” The underlying technology behind deepfakes is rapidly accelerating, which has only exacerbated frittering trust in our institutions and increased polarization. The ability to manipulate video, audio and text is being weaponized to sow deception by seeding alternate narratives of reality. To further compound the issue advances in technology far outpace changes in policymaking and large technology companies find themselves woefully ill equipped even if they wanted to squash large scale mis and disinformation efforts on their platforms. Story I/O kicks off a new design research initiative from the Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab focused on virtual placemaking and collective sense making. How might we co-create virtual spaces that by design, encourage civil discourse around challenging issues, and help people develop a capacity for collectively identifying misinformation and deception while also providing shared literacy tools that assist communities in identifying what is real or fake? We’re thrilled to be partnering this year with SIPA, the Andrew Saltzman Institute for War and Peace, Teachers College Creative Technology Program,, Beautiful Seams and Minkowski. Story I/O will kickoff with a special immersive experience that mixes storytelling and play as a method to explore deepfakes, shallow fakes and bots. Story I/O is free and has a limit of 100 participants. To secure your spot please apply today and we’ll get back to you on a rolling basis after Labor Day. CURRENT RUNNING ORDER (subject to change) Welcome & Goals Immersion - Step into an immersive experience co-created with AI Break 5x why (participants pair up with a stranger) Trust in the Age of Misinformation & Deception a collaborative discussion to surface the collective intelligence of a group Lunch break Prototype - rapidly design, test and break ideas/solutions to address misinformation and deception online Check Out (mapping next steps, opportunities and milestones) Closing Remarks

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