Museum Storytelling: Linked Architecture and Future Interfaces


The Interaction Lab at Cooper Hewitt is re-imagining the museum experience for the 21st-century. To do this they are creating a new digital infrastructure that will present otherwise invisible design stories connecting things like exhibition themes, collection objects, research publications, even the mansion itself. The goal? To create compelling narratives that will enrich our visitors’ ability to engage deeply with the ideas on display.

The Interaction Lab is driving this work on two different levels - the first is at the database level. How might we create a data and systems architecture that will support many different forms of storytelling? The second is at the interface level. How might we design interfaces that engage people deeply with our collections and exhibitions? Addressing these design questions is a work-in-progress right now.

During the first part of the evening, Rachel Ginsberg, Director of the Interaction Lab, and Adam Quinn, Sr. Digital Product Manager will pull back the curtain on the kinds of experiences, architecture, and interfaces Cooper Hewitt is looking to design for its audiences. Then, join us for an interactive prototyping session, where we explore how museums might manifest interactive experiences that harness storytelling and code.

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