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What we’re about

Founded in 2006, the Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is a private, global community for Columbia alumni, students, and staff who are interested in all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. The group welcomes members from any Columbia University school, sector, or industry function (e.g., entrepreneur, investor, designer, lawyer, etc.).

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship among Columbia University alumni, students, and staff by facilitating communication, providing access to needed resources, and creating a vibrant and supportive community. To that end, we gather for an array of virtual and in-person events including incubation nights, demo nights, speaker panels, private dinners, and happy hours. We have hosted 475+ events since our founding.

Individuals must supply their current or former Columbia email address (UNI) to become a member.

CVC is endorsed by Columbia University and is classified as a "shared interest group" (SIG) under the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA).

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Inclusivity - We believe in the democratization of entrepreneurial potential — for everyone regardless of their degree, field of study, or status.

Diversity - We strive to include diverse viewpoints in all personal and organizational decision making in an effort to reduce bias wherever possible.

Human-Centered - We use evidence-based techniques grounded in empathy to design and deliver experiences, services, and programs which support the needs of our members.

Connecting - When appropriate, we facilitate connections among people, organizations, and resources that we believe will lead to positive, meaningful outcomes for each party involved.

Energizing - We channel our personal energy in positive ways for the betterment of the community because we know that our success depends on the sum of our individual contributions.

Educating - The bedrock of our success lies in our ability to educate alumni on how to develop or enhance their entrepreneurial potential via access to high-quality training and community wisdom.