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The New CFFA Alliance is all about bringing

the Combattitude program to you!

As of April 2010, we officially closed the CFFA (Combattitude Fighting Fitness Academy) and became the NEW CFFA! We are now the Combattitude Fighting Fitness Alliance! Within this new metamorphasis, we will be spreading out and sharing the fun in the form of CFFA Circles. As these Circles form, we will post the locations and names here at meetup. We hope to start ongoing Circles all over and then get together for one huge gathering every month or every other month to play & share.

So, check back for a CFFA Circle forming near you, or contact us here if you are interested in becoming a Circle Leader and starting a Circle with your friends. We'll come out, get you started with the basics, and have a blast!


Combattitude is a fighting fitness program that's
done in a one-on-one style. It's non contact, yet it includes
offensive and defensive techniques that range from punches,
kicks, elbows, knees, and other true fighting techniques
from various styles of martial arts & self defense.

MAIN SITE: http://combattitude.com
CONTACT US: coskumite@combattitude.com

Classes for Teens & Adults

Combattitude, A Fighting Fitness Program perfect for Baby-boomer's and MORE!
Created and hosted by Chuck Jeffreys, Expert Martial artist. Professional Fight Choreographer & Stuntman
(Chuck Jeffreys IMDB Listing at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0420333 )

Fun and Safe. It's the Missing Link between Cardio Kickboxing, and Full Contact Martial Arts!

Are you a Babyboomer? Have you passed on getting involved in a Fighting Fitness, or Martial Arts Program because of age or other reasons. Well, now you may want to rethink that decision... CONTINUED / http://thecffa.com/BOOMERS.html

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