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Come Hike and Walk with Us TVTA Meetup group is hosted by the Thames Valley Trail Association (TVTA), we offer open public walks and hikes as an opportunity for people to explore our beautiful trails within the city of London, Ontario, and beyond. This Meet up site is used for real time face to face hikes or walks. You can hike or walk trails for exercise and companionship with like minded people who love to be out in nature.    
ATTENDANCE: Those using this site will have their profile removed if you have not attended an event within 11 months of joining or do not post a profile picture. There is no picture or any attendance requirement at all for  TVTA paid members.  
ABOUT: The TVTA hiking club is a charitable non-profit association that is committed to developing and maintaining our 110km hiking trail. We act as caretakers through volunteers, and are financed by donations and club membership fees. Paid TVTA membership is from $20 to $35 per year depending on the membership type. Charitable receipts for membership and donations are issued before the end of February.  In 2013 we had our 40 year anniversary and are excited to be celebrating our 50th in 2023! 
Through our Come Hike & Walk With Us TVTA Meet up group, you will experience our open pubic hikes that bring the beauty of area trails up close at no cost. TVTA pays the annual cost for using this site. 
Participants will be required to print and bring a signed copy of our waiver form (link to the walk or hike and provide to the hike leader. Our events are lead by volunteer hike leaders certified by Hike Ontario. Hikers are asked to arrive at the meeting site at least 15 minutes before the outing is to begin in order to sign in and to arrange car pooling where applicable. Hike times listed in the hike description are departure times from the meeting location. Proper outdoor clothing, footwear such as sturdy boots, and hiking poles are recommended.

For safety reasons and to ensure the smooth operation of the walk or hike, hike leaders may turn away those who appear to be poorly prepared for the activity or who arrive late. 
Those who participate in our walks and hikes do so at their own risk.  Hikes can be cancelled on short notice so check the site before leaving to go to the meet spot.
Hike leaders will advertise " family welcome" ( check with leader to see if terrain is suitable for a stroller), otherwise these events are for adults 18 and over.
All TVTA hikes are dog-free unless advertised as "dog friendly".

Visit our web site to learn more:

If you join the TVTA, you will receive our newsletter, the  "TVTA TREKKER",  and will have access to our Members Only Hike calendar.

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