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What we’re about

Concordia is a welcoming haven where hearts and hands come together as One in love, laughter, joy and celebration of life. Service time is at 9:30am.

We envision Concordia as a sanctuary of unconditional love that embraces the uniqueness of all. We envision ourselves as vital witnesses to humanity’s conscious connection with the One Source.

Concordia is an ever-expanding circle of Consciousness. By creating an atmosphere of peace and beauty, diversity flourishes and unique expressions shine. We are a community of joy and vibrancy where souls are nurtured and lives are transformed.

Through our ministries and transformative teaching, the Light of Truth inspires a calm center of cool, fresh knowingness that renews heart, mind and spirit.

We see ourselves as a regional leader; a multi-purpose spiritual enrichment center with an expansive campus that incorporates ongoing education for adults and children. We provide community outreach programs and a spacious facility for all of our activities. Our inviting grounds are a meditative garden sanctuary, which encourage individuals to deepen into the quiet peace and come home to themselves.

We envision the vitality of our creative community-energy radiating beyond the center sanctuary, further enriching the tapestry of daily living.

By honoring Spirit in All, our community becomes a point of inspiration and influence that effectively advances the vision of the Global Heart to benefit all expressions of Life!

Our Hearts and Doors are open to ALL!

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