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We know how to protect data at rest and in transit, but what about data while it is processed? Confidential computing addresses exactly that.

Cloud computing enabled amazing innovation, but there is so much trust in the cloud provider. Wouldn't it be great to use the cloud infrastructure but have your applications run in an isolated environment that cannot be reached even by the platform owner?

Finally, imagine I have truckloads of data and you have an awesome machine learning model to analyse it. There's a business opportunity there, but I don't trust you with my data and you don't trust me with your model. How do we collaborate?

These topics and much more will be covered in our events.

Already curious?

Start with the Confidential Computing Consortium website (https://confidentialcomputing.io) to get an understanding of the basic concepts

Welcome to Confidential Computing Sweden!

PSST! We are on Slack at https://conf-comp-swe.slack.com

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Confidential Computing Meetup Fall 2021

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Confidential Computing Developer Summit (Free Online event)

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Tales from the trenches

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Introducing Confidential Computing - technology and use cases

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