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What we’re about

Every human needs connections, whether it is a connection between social groups, family members or a real connection within oneself.


Yes, we all need friends. Our meet up group aims to gather the like-minded people regularly, to expand our social networks, to have fun, to share our views and most importantly, to find a way to connect our higher selves as well as connecting our spiritual masters and even connections with our soul mates.


We believe that life should be full of fun and learning, so our meetings include every kind of activities and experiences, such as high-teaing, meditating, outing, cycling, discussing, game playing (cards, Chinese Mahjong), and much more.


It would be really fun if you can join this group, with activities so diverse and yet the members so connected within oneself and with each other. Don't hesitate now, please join us and enroll yourself in the next meetup.