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What we’re about

Meetup page for the Connect the World podcast, the most energetic Lightning Network podcast!

Founded by a team with a shared passion for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. We want to advance Lightning adoption and highlight all sides of it. Not only Lightning as a payment system but also as an underlying technology for a multitude of other options!

Every week we publish podcast Episodes and Quick Talks about developments and adoption with the largest share of Lightning out there! We serve the Lightning Space with valuable content; therefore, we’re busy with more projects like Rings of Fire and The daily Moon.

Our goal of making video and audio content is to be the place for newbies to learn about bitcoin/lightning and help them enter the well-known rabbit hole. We also want to be there for the tech-savvy audience to keep up with the latest and most exciting developments within the lightning space, and don’t forget that our primary mission is to connect the world, so there will also be content where we dive into the region worthy projects which do the dirty work.

At the meetups we organize you'll find like-minded people who all share the same passion: bitcoin and, maybe more importantly, the Lightning Network. You can have a chat with our hosts or one of the guests featured in our show, talk about Rings of Fire, the latest hardware geeks are building and of course we make sure everything can be paid with sats.