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What we’re about

Welcome to the Conscious Connections Community.

We are a diverse and inclusive community for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, identities, inspired to explore the sacred art of mindful, conscious, awakened, and authentic connection practices.

Do you crave more deep, meaningful and nourishing connection? Are you inspired to explore, discover, experience, and practice more authentic ways of relating to yourself and to others? Do you desire to be in a space where you can show up and be seen as you truly are, without pretense, without the masks, armor and protection that often stand in the way of allowing you to drop in and connect in a more meaningful way with your fellow humans?

Join us, come play, be inspired, make new friends, and discover how deeply nourishing it is to share space and connection with other conscious humans.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, workshops, gatherings, and classes on:
Authentic Relating, Circling, Compassionate Communication, Conscious Relationships, Tantra, Sacred Intimacy, and other Conscious Connection practices.

We can't wait to connect with you all!