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What we’re about

Consciousness Hacking is a growing global community exploring technology as a catalyst for psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing. It’s an inside-out perspective on how technology can serve us by changing our relationship to the world, rather than the world itself and support the evolution of our individual and collective experience.

The brain child of Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacking aims to serve as a hub for knowledge, ideas and talent, by cross-pollinating the consciousness and technology communities. Each month it will showcase fresh thinkers and projects in the transformative technology scene, facilitate connection between interested groups and individuals, provide space for sharing ideas and projects, while offering visibility and support within the community.

Have an idea for a cool EEG or meditation app? How about a new approach to therapy that uses sound and light? Maybe you're interested in creating software to improve personal development. This is the place to explore and present your ideas with a supportive group with a focus of helping bring them to reality.

The ultimate purpose of the group is to support the community of people exploring, building and disseminating new tools for the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. You do not need a technology background, and you are absolutely welcome to join if you have no interest in ever developing your own tools, but there will definitely be a major focus on modern, technologies as the hacking medium. 

Israel is ripe for Consciousness Hacking. With a robust established high tech community and a huge number of people engaged in a wide variety of practices that are geared toward personal transformation, exploration and contemplation, what has been missing is the connection between the two. Fresh creation often comes from connection, and Consciousness Hacking brings visionary and creative people together who will transform our community. Whether you interest is neuroscience or engineering, meditation or spiritual seeking, join us Consciousness Hackers in developing the harmonious relationship between health and technology. 

Started end of 2013 in California, Consciousness Hacking became a global community with meet-ups in Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Facebook Headquarters, Berlin, Vienna, Bangalore, Boulder, Santa Cruz, Cambridge, Madison, Seattle, Santa Barbara, Miami, and now London.