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THE ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMAN EVOLUTION EUROPE'S LARGEST CONSCIOUSNESS CONFERENCE - LONDON 2017 OCTOBER 19-21 Join us at this years Conference as we present a journey through from Quantum Physics to mysticism to give you the latest lectures from some of the most acclaimed teachers in the world today! Expand your mind with a group of fellow explorers and manifest a new reality in yourself and the world. http://WWW.TCCHE.ORG/CONFERENCE ANITA MOORJANI | GREGG BRADEN | RUPERT SHELDRAKE | LYNNE McTAGGART | DIETER BROERS | DR. LARRY DOSSEY MD | DRS JJ & DESIREE HURTAK - EXCLUSIVE UK APPEARANCE | DR. KONSTANTIN KOROTKOV | ALBERT HOFFMANN | BE A PART OF THE FUTURE - TICKETS ONSALE NOW

Millenium Gloucester Hotel

Kensington · London


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We're dedicated to the study and development of Consciousness and Human and Human evolution giving YOU the tools to help you develop yourself and your world around you. Join our meetup group and come to the annual INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMAN EVOLUTION as we present a journey from Quantum Physics to Mysticism exploring the esoteric nature of yoga, the science of belief to the mystery Kundalini and higher consciousness with the worlds most influential spiritual teachers bringing you the latest research.

Be a part of the future of the human race!


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