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WELCOME ENLIGHTENED EXPLORERS! We're all on a path of discovery, shedding emotional issues, and finding our true perfect selves once again. We exist at the same time. In the now of past present and future. Yes! You are that BIG and expanded!

All of these simultaneous experiences are carried in the higher self.....dreams give a little glimpse, often not remembering our dreams speaking to us. Choose joy with a greater understanding of who you are. Our sessions and events support and empower. Become the powerful being that you already are. Become a SPONSOR and organizer so you can share YOUR upcoming events. Love, Judi and Jeff, your organizers.

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The Power of Now

Arlequin Cafe

• What we'll do Awakening SF February 2018 2/8 TPON. Basics to advance. What is the power of now? Most of the people that have attended these meetings have been exposed to other teachings. We can discuss how these teachings help each other pointing us to awakening now 2/9 By Grace Cathedral tomorrow. Arrive / leave anytime. One of my favorite meditations. A silent Indoor walking meditation with live music in a beautiful sacred space I enjoy once a month. Candlelight Labyrinth Walk. February 09, 2018. 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm From Grace Cathedral: “Walk the labyrinth by candlelight and music and pray for peace in our hearts and peace in the world. We offer an introduction to the labyrinth every month and feature a musician playing live music.” 2/15 Awakening Love. Conscious living and loving without drama or suffering for true enlightening relationships that deepens, accelerate and maintains Presence beyond the romantic, passionate and intimacy-hungry dance common when two egos meet. You have the right teacher at home. Now let’s explore that. If single, the same. So come too. 2/22 Awakening in SF. Compare to other places, here we enjoy a continuously open authentic invitation to awaken; we’ll learn to recognize the natural occurring prompts to return to Presence living in SF March. TBA Including ... the Power of now and other teachings on the Gradual Awakening vs Rapid Awakening : the evolution and revolution of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth to live an authentic, productive and relevant life most successfully, happily, meaningfully while Awakening to conscious living and loving beyond ordinary ego-based drama or unconscious suffering. Relevant to social entrepreneurs, professionals and all of us. New note. The meeting is free. If you can, order tea or coffee for yourself just to support this nice place where we meet. But not required. And something new too, due to changes of circumstances, if ok with you and you’re able, feel free to make a voluntary contribution to support these meetings using this paid platform; please, only if relaxed about that. I understand. The purpose of this meeting is to share Presence, answer questions and gentle, deeply awakening open conversations. My experience these fifteen years hosting these conversations is very positive. Rafael AwakeningSF Meetup. Practicing Presence • What to bring • Important to know

Meditation: Stress Management: FREE

Veteran's Memorial Building

What if there was a simple method for you to tap into the power and energy lying deep within you, allowing you better control of yourself-physically, mentally and emotionally? Please join us for guided meditation and an introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation. Sahaja Yoga meditation will help you to achieve peace of mind, emotional well-being, stress reduction, and better concentration. Join us every Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm at: Veterans Memorial Building, Room #212, 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102 Our classes are always Free. Read more about benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: http://www.freemeditationnz.com/benefits-of-sahaja-meditation-with-videos.html

Dance Elemental - Ecstatic Dance in San Jose

Center for Creative Living


We dance and journey through the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and back to our Center. Every first and third Saturday of the month, from 8pm - 11pm, in Los Gatos (doors open at 7:30pm - newcomer orientation at 8:00pm) Dance Elemental offers a unique expression of ecstatic dance culture, inspired by nature-centered spiritual traditions. Become the dance, become the music. We dance and journey as a community to witness and remind ourselves of the beauty that we are. We are Air - Fire - Water - Earth and Spirit. Embody your divine nature. Learn and grow from each element and work with its unique, palpable energy. Celebrate together and allow your inner light to be revealed! When? Monthly - First and Third Saturdays of every Month 8pm - 11pm Where? Center for Creative Living 1460 Koll Cir # C, San Jose, CA 95112 $15 donation at the door. Sign up early with a friend and get a sweet deal! Check out our Dance Duo! Two admitted for $25! (http://devagnosis.eventbrite.com) ________________________________________ Need More info? Cool... keep reading. * Areas set up for meditation, energy work, and community networking. Healthy snacks, tea and water are provided. All ages welcome! Young children should be supervised by parents/guardians. Yoga Mats / Back Jacks / Chairs available. Feel free to bring your own yoga mats for stretching or lying down. We invite volunteer Reiki healers and other energy/body workers to attend the healing area. Other volunteer opportunities are available as well. Please send us your volunteer inquiries in advance for trade possibilities. Even MORE about the Dance * If you have never attended before, please take a few minutes to read. We also have a newcomer orientation at 8:00pm. Arrive to soft music. Check in first and then quietly find a place for your things. Be welcomed with a cleansing/smudge (sage or gentle mist). Relax, breathe and stretch as others arrive. We will be called together for a welcoming circle, speaking of our names, brief orientation, and grounding meditation. Then the dancing starts. * Guidelines and Tips * 1. We kindly ask for no talking on the dance floor. This allows for people to go deeper into their dance and connect with their journey through the elements. (Chat and conversation is welcome in the tea room, outside, or very quietly just off the dance floor.) 2. Dance however you want. There is no right or wrong way. Listen to your body and move to the way it feels. Express who you are from the inside out. 3. Respect yourself as well as those around you. Please be mindful to make room for others as you move about the dance floor. Pay attention to your boundaries and the boundaries of others. Communicate through eye contact and body language. Be compassionate and aware. It is our highest intention that this dance is a safe space and sanctuary for community and individual self expression. If you need space or wish to disengage with another in dance, simply put your hands together in prayer pose and gently bow. This is a clear signal that you want to be in your own space. Respect, always. 4. Bring water - mainly recommended for those who get very thirsty while exercising, or have a cold. 5. Wear clothes that make you feel good and are comfortable for dancing. Be expressive and colorful if you like, or just show up in your sweats. It's all good! Dancing barefoot or in socks is fine. Shoes are ok, but heavy tread shoes or heals are not allowed. Most dance shoes or slippers are great. 6. Do not bring alcohol or drugs. 7. Do not bring cameras. 8. ALL ages and genders are welcome. 9. Be yourself! * Closing * Afterward, we usually end with a simple heart sharing, with a few words spoken by those who wish to speak about what they experienced, and any gratitudes, etc. There is also time allowed for community announcements before we part. Remember you are free to bring flyers for your events and put them on the community networking table as well.


DISTANCE QUANTUM HEALING SESSIONS Private and one-on-one appointments . Make yours now... Everyone has a bio-energy field. As we work with this field to raise vibrations and induce healing on psychic, physical, emotional and psychological levels, you will feel tingling and warmth, and buzzing. In these personal one-on-one sessions , the transformation to health will begin as you feel a shift in bio- energy consciousness, vibrating at higher and faster levels than ever before. This heightened energy shift gives you the boost to shift attention away from pain or trouble areas in your body and divert your mind to a higher plane of consciousness. Your session will incorporate the following and include: 1) high vibrational channeled energy: I get into your bio-rhythms to give you feedback, suggesting where to redirect energy currents. 2) Breathing Exercises that will allow you to shift and balance your nervous system. 3) Meditation technique that will allow you to experience a higher level of being. We do this over the telephone or Skype, and it is amazingly effective since vibrations travel over the electronic waves readily. Contact me for more info and to make an appointment. Introductory Special: only $40 for 30 minutes. http://quantumenergyhealing.weebly.com/ http://truelifepathinstitute.org/ https://www.facebook.com/TrueLifePathInstitute/

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