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What we’re about

Oh, Hi. 👋 We are Considering.Film™ - a new LIVE cultural engagement network that's as unique as you are. Join us!

Unlike a typical museum / gallery tour / screening, here at CF - it's not really about us, we are more interested in you. Never repeated and uniquely yours, our interactive and explorative video tours last typically 60-90 mins in duration, and are facilitated LIVE by your very own 'museum' guide. Cool right?

With a focus on contemporary art and film, together we aim to explore some of the most pressing issues of today - bringing thoughts, feelings, and observations into a fun, lively and sometimes challenging exchange.

We are super excited to welcome you into our global community as we join each other on this exciting journey. Let’s do this... why not book a free tour today?

Once registered, your unique and direct link to our Zoom viewing / meeting room will be provided. Events are FREE to attend and open to all. This is LIVE arts engagement for all. Never recorded. Uniquely yours. Your voice. Your idea.

Fancy a chat? Have an idea? Interested in presenting? Reach out via - we love hearing from you ❤️. Let’s do this... why not book a free tour today?