What we're about

CTM: Continuous Testing Meetup is a community for Testers, DevOps, and Developers to share their ideas and learn from peers. Join us if you are interested in Continuous Testing, Agile Testing, Selenium, Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Testing & Automation, and any other related tools and techniques.

We bring people together to discuss not only technology but also soft skills that are required to succeed in today's testing industry.

Would you like to give a talk, propose it here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdXzHbmEspPpJPXkNfQ_ryxKlK7njF8AXfOvNDA31hzc_InNA/viewform)!

Our principles:

• Everyone should feel welcome, safe and comfortable to give talks, workshops, share ideas and engage in open discussion without the threat of intimidation or public humiliation.

• Be respectful and excellent to each other, we do not tolerate any type of harassment to speakers, attendants or organizers.

• All topics related to testing are welcome.

• Every talk, presentation, and workshop should have as one of its goals to transmit a valuable message to the community (e.g. good practices, lessons learned, new tools or innovative use of existing ones, etc).

Topics we cover here:

• What tools support faster releases of Web and Mobile Apps?

• What Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery really means?

• How to start with automation?

• And much more!

Upcoming events (1)

Hunting Bugs with Puppeteer and AWS Lambda - Online Meetup

Hi All! Join the CTM Online! Agenda: 12.30 pm - 12.50 pm: Hunting Bugs with Puppeteer and AWS Lambda Sarah Wachs, Software Developer at Searchmetrics One of the worst bugs to have is the one that is hard to reproduce but has very serious consequences. We were recently faced with one such bug after we added a new caching layer to our application. The quest to reproduce this bug finally ended when we decided to move away from manual testing. We moved to a more automated approach using AWS Lambda functions and puppeteer to scale up our testing efforts. With our swarm of Lambda functions we were finally able to identify the root cause, evaluate our fix and create a regression test. I will share our approach and what we learned on the way. About the speaker: Sarah Wachs is a Software Developer at Searchmetrics with a focus on frontend development. In her free time she is active in the Tech communities in Berlin, e.g. organising events with Women Who Code. She likes to try new cooking recipes and new technologies and languages, most recently Rust. 12.50 pm - 13.30 pm - Q&A and Open Discussion Zoom link will be shared soon! See you there!

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