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The Atlanta Controversial Topic Discussion group talks about, of course, controversial topics!

Topics can be unique, niche, or straight out of the news.

The worst part of national media is they often do not discuss in detail the different political positions so that a person can understand them in in enough detail to make a decision. In today's media, they often give just one side. This group's goal is for people with all different viewpoints to get together and discuss issues. You and the person next to you at a meeting may have the exact same facts, yet, the two of you may have completely differently viewpoints!

The goal of the group is not to change someone's viewpoint, but, to understand how different people can have different points-of-view on the same issue even though people have the same facts.

The idea is, we're kind of all over the board with subject areas. A lot of the topics when first reading the headlines may seem odd or difficult to get a decent one hour plus discussion going around. It's my experience though that they usually move from the main topic into a variety of different areas that make even the weirdest of topics engaging.

Anyhow, I hope you'll check us out. If you like to read a lot and find yourself not having anybody to share your thoughts with this group is for you. Or, if you're just curious about a lot of different things I think you might like this group.


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