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What we’re about

Simply Brilliant Korean:

This is to help the individuals who are self-learning and the individuals who are not quite improving as wished with their study with some textbooks that are at times misleading . Yes, you! Anybody who can be on Zoom can join this class.

The membership is free as of today, and there might be a minimal fee (Venmo or Paypal) for certain classes/events. No shows take away others' participation.

If you would like to learn how to read Hangeul, you could pre-study at my YouTube channel. Of you can study through at my channel if you cannot make it to my zoom class.

The events that I am thinking of hosting at some point are 'eat Korean food together' or' go shopping together conversing in Korean'... when the COVID is over.

Please note the event time announced is in Washington D.C, USA time.