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A social group for the discussion and sharing of ideas and sentiments on books, films, art, science, politics, religion, race, love and sexuality, healing, food, world travel, languages and any other topics of interest which may connect us with some passion for living. We don't shy away from difficult conversations. In our discussions, we are kind towards all -- including those not present.

• "In larger things we are convivial; what causes trouble is the trivial" ~Richard Armour

• "If time, so fleeting, must like humans die, let it be filled with good food and good talk, and then embalmed in the perfumes of conviviality." ~MFK Fisher

• "Have you learned the lessons only of those who admired you, or were tender with you, or stood aside for you? Have you not learned great lessons from those who braced themselves against you and disputed passage with you?" ~Walt Whitman

• "After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality and so on -- have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear -- what remains? Nature remains." ~Walt Whitman

• "Healing is impossible in loneliness, it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation." ~Wendell Berry

• "What are the odds so long as the fire of the soul is kindled at the taper of conviviality and the wing of friendship never molts a feather?" ~Charles Dickens

Upcoming events (3)

Sun. 1p: discussion of 2014 Swedish film "FORCE MAJEURE" @Deutsches Haus on Moss

Join us Sunday, September 19th, 1p to 2:15p at the Deutsches Haus, along Bayou St John. If it's available, we try to meet in the "Classroom". Otherwise, we'll be in the main hall or maybe outside in the back. Come and leave anytime. Use their free parking in the back.

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Part of our Series on Ethics and Cinema.
We'll discuss the 2014 film "FORCE MAJEURE"/"TURIST". Directed by Ruben Ostlund ("The Square"). 2 hours. Rated R. Drama/Comedy. In Swedish and English with subtitles. [Rottentomatoes' top critics' approval rating of 94%: "Gleefully uncomfortable, Force Majeure is a relationship drama that's hard to watch -- and just as difficult to ignore."]

PLOT: A Swedish family vacationing in the French Alps is confronted with a devastating avalanche.

TRAILER at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZZhB6AUo9k

FILM IS STREAMABLE on Kanopy.com for free if you have an account [which is free with a public library account, although you are limited to 12 films per month].
OR streamable for $3 on Vudu.com (or free with ads), on Amazon.com/primevideo, on Youtube.com ...
You must RSVP. No drop-ins. Do change your RSVP to NO if you end up not coming.

For more info, contact Guy Henoumont anytime at[masked] or at [masked]

Sat. Oct. 9 at 12p: D H Lawrence 1928 novel "LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER" discussion

Join us Saturday, October 9th, noon to 1:45p. We meet at Gracious Bakery + Cafe' in Mid-City (they have 3 locations). We'll be inside or outside, or both. We discuss the 1928 novel "LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER" by D H Lawrence. Any version is fine. About 360 pages.

The novel is about an aristocratic woman falling in love with a working class man -- and so much more.

Free PDFs of the text online, like

Used copies of the book at bookfinder.com for around $4 after shipping.

You must RSVP. No drop-ins.
Do change your RSVP to NO if you end up not coming.

For more info, contact Guy Henoumont anytime at[masked] or at [masked]

Sat. Nov. 6th 12p: 1998 Octavia Butler novel "PARABLE OF THE TALENTS" discussion

Join us Saturday, November 6th, noon to 1:45p at Gracious Bakery and Cafe' on Norman C. Francis Parkway (they have 3 locations). We'll be inside, outside, or both. We'll discuss the 1998 science fiction/dystopia novel "THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS" by Octavia Butler, best known for her "Kindred" novel. We discussed her "Parable of the Sower" in August. OK not to have read "Sower" in order to participate in and enjoy this upcoming discussion of the sequel. About 400 pages.

"Parable of the Talents is set against the backdrop of a dystopian United States and consists of journal entries by Lauren and Bankole and passages by Asha Vere. Five years after the events of the previous novel, Lauren has founded Acorn, a community centered around her religion, Earthseed, which is predicated to the belief that humanity's destiny is to travel beyond Earth and live on other planets in order for humanity to reach adulthood." [Wikipedia]

Free PDF of the text online (if you can handle Internet Archive's terms; printdisabled) at

$12 on Amazon Kindle. Used copies of the book at bookfinder.com for about $ 13 after shipping.
You must RSVP. No drop-ins. Do change your RSVP to NO if you end up not coming. For all attendees, it is required that you have read at least 2/3 of the book.

For more info, contact Guy Henoumont anytime at[masked] or at [masked]

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